Thai Amulet Buddha

Antique Thai Amulet'buddha Phim Prok Bho Lp Tae Be2503' Temple Stamp

Antique Thai Amulet'buddha Phim Prok Bho Lp Tae Be2503' Temple Stamp
Antique Thai Amulet'buddha Phim Prok Bho Lp Tae Be2503' Temple Stamp

Antique Thai Amulet'buddha Phim Prok Bho Lp Tae Be2503' Temple Stamp

ANTIQUE THAI AMULET'BUDDHA PHIM PROK BHO LP TAE BE2503' TEMPLE STAMP. Here is an impressive amulet Buddha Prok Bho Pim Yai, the famous rare collection year B.

2503 (1960) of LP Tae Wat Sam Ngam temple Nakorn Pathom province. Made of earthen base size approx 3.0 x 1.5 inches, include stainless casing. On behind is the image of Wat Sam Ngam temple seal which the characteristic of this mold. LP Tae Kongtong was great grand-masterful and abbot from Wat Sam Ngam temple in the past.

He was the legendary monk of Thailand in making the best holy and most famous Kuman Thong in many batch. This Buddha Prok Bho is rare collection for accumulate which the representative Buddha of happiness, peaceful, bring lucky and protections. One of the uppermost collection of LP Tae's amulets. LP Tae Khongtong born on Monday 15 June b.

2434, year of rabbit at Ban Sam Ngam village Nakhonpathom province. Father name Jan and mother name Bu, surname Sam Nham Noi. LP Tae is the 5. When LP Tae is 7 years old, he ordained as junior monk at Wat Karlong Samutsakorn province, studied dharma and spells for 3 years from his uncle, the famous abbot by the time, LP Dang of Wat Karlong.

At the time, LP Dang see that theres no Buddhist temple in the Dorntoom village area of Nakhonpathom province. He told LP Tae to build the temple at Dorntoom village.

Years old, LP Tae ordained become senior monk holding full precepts. Ordained by LP Tar, Wat Paneangtak, famous guru monk at the time. Given title in the monk hood Kongtong (still gold). LP Tar was one of the powerful monk of Thailand, just like LP Sook from Wat Pakrongmakarmtao. LP Tar had pass down all his knowledge spells to LP Tae.

After a few years, LP Dang the 1. Abbot of Wat Sam Ngam passed away. LP Tae then have to come back to Wat Sam Ngam to look after the temple. LP Tae also become a disciple of LP Cham, Wat Tarkong, a Cambodia monk. LP Tae learned how to consecrate powerful amulets from him.

In BE2475, LP Tae become the official abbot of Wat Sam Ngam. LP Tae passed away on 25 December BE2524 at an age of 80 years old. 59 years serving in the monkhood.

LP Tae was a monk who possessed a lot of metta (loving-kindness) and bahramee (power). After hearing, the robber felt ashamed and ran off. LP Tae had supernatural power to see wondering souls of the dead that roamed the surroundings and especially souls of those young children. In order to give and give it people who needed help. LP Tae had learned such art from LP Chaem of Wat Takong and also an unnamed monk form Cambodia. According to a story told by the villagers of Nakhonpathom, in year BE2483, there lived and unlucky food peddler in the town center of Nak Kan Bahn. He wat a great chef but no matter how hard he worked, he didnt manage to succeed in his business. One morning while traveling to the town to set up his tall, he met a preaching monk along the way. Immediately, he put down his stuff and scooped a big bowl of food and presented it to the monk. After finished the food, the monk walked along with the peddler and spoke with him. He then knew the hardship and unluckiness of the peddler. As they parted, the monk took out a clay doll-like statue from his bag and gve it to the peddler, telling him to treat it well everyday so that his luck will change.

Soon after that, the peddlers business got better and better. He then came to know that the monk who gave him the statue was LP Tae, abbot of Wat Sam Ngam and the statue was called Kumantong. Wat Sam Ngam produced numerous pendants of LP Tae that has brought extreme good luck and great fortune to many people. Many occasions were recorded that people wearing LP Taes amulets were unharmed form accidents and there were also stories told by many villagers (some still living today) and people from all over Thailand that they were saved from both evil spirits and ghosts after wearing LP Taes amulets. It is also believed that it will bring great Metta to one by wearing amulets of LP Tae.

Other sources to experience LP Taes magic amulets for wealth fetching, Metta & protection especially his golden boy (Kumantong). Please view detailed photos for overall quality and minor imperfections of the item. IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the difference in computer monitor settings, there may be variations in the items appearance, specifically background lighting, resolution, and color tones, your monitor is set at. We willing to reply as soon as possible.

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Antique Thai Amulet'buddha Phim Prok Bho Lp Tae Be2503' Temple Stamp