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Huge 100% Natural Pure Kod super Leklai Yoi Lucky stone Thai Buddha amulet 3200g

Huge 100% Natural Pure Kod super Leklai Yoi Lucky stone Thai Buddha amulet 3200g
Huge 100% Natural Pure Kod super Leklai Yoi Lucky stone Thai Buddha amulet 3200g
Huge 100% Natural Pure Kod super Leklai Yoi Lucky stone Thai Buddha amulet 3200g
Huge 100% Natural Pure Kod super Leklai Yoi Lucky stone Thai Buddha amulet 3200g
Huge 100% Natural Pure Kod super Leklai Yoi Lucky stone Thai Buddha amulet 3200g
Huge 100% Natural Pure Kod super Leklai Yoi Lucky stone Thai Buddha amulet 3200g
Huge 100% Natural Pure Kod super Leklai Yoi Lucky stone Thai Buddha amulet 3200g
Huge 100% Natural Pure Kod super Leklai Yoi Lucky stone Thai Buddha amulet 3200g
Huge 100% Natural Pure Kod super Leklai Yoi Lucky stone Thai Buddha amulet 3200g
Huge 100% Natural Pure Kod super Leklai Yoi Lucky stone Thai Buddha amulet 3200g
Huge 100% Natural Pure Kod super Leklai Yoi Lucky stone Thai Buddha amulet 3200g

Huge 100% Natural Pure Kod super Leklai Yoi Lucky stone Thai Buddha amulet 3200g
SOMPHON (YAI) Samawaro LP Yai also known as LP Somporn, the great master of Leklai. LP Yai (known as Phra Ajahn SomPorn) is abbot of Wat Phra Thamyannamunee, Nakhom Pathom province.

LP Yai is dedicated to built Wat Phra Thamyannamunee with many meditation building in the temple compound area. He has deep magical knowledge of Leklai (supernatural mineral) and consecrated in amulets for competence to help devotees. MAGIC Pure LEKLAI 100 % for Prayer at home. NUTURAL HUGE RARE LP SOMPHON MAGIC LEKLAI THAI AMULET BUDDHA PURE Black Leklai - KOT LEKLAI YOI.

Rare Huge Natural Pure Leklai. LP Somphon Magic Top Prayer Statue Thai Buddha Amulet. Amulet name : Original Natural Pure Kot Leklai Yoi Thongkumdum LP Somphon. LP Somphon Magic Thai Buddha Amulet. ORIGINAL SHAPE SACRED PURE Super Black LEKLAI - Top of Leklai. Size : Height 12 x width 15 x thick 8 cm. / Kod Leklai Yoi - Metal Amulet (LEKLAI Prai DAM). Metal Amulet (Leklai) is deemed to be the God of all metal amulets. It is believed to have supernatural power hidden in itself.

It has the power of Superiority that other people will be obedient to and afraid of you, the power of Invulnerability that small weapons, like knives or guns, cannot damage you and the power of Security that can protect you from dangers. Metal Amulets can be found in the deep forest and in caves. It was created from the combination of several types of holy ores under the earth crust and was pushed up on earth by heat produced by the earth core. Metal Amulet has been believed as one of the living thing with supernatural power hidden.

People who were knowledgeable about Metal Amulet mentioned that. Metal Amulet was under angels' custody such as powerful hermits, great Naga and guardian spirits in the forest. Metal Amulet to appropriate persons only. Metal Amulets can grow naturally noticed from the increase of their size.

They can grow in line of dots like fish's roe found on a cave's wall. Amulets have got a pine color that look beautiful. Some of them have same color as rainbow that look wonderful and some grow like stalactites. Metal Amulet, you can completely keep it in a hard plastic frame and hang with a necklace, so that you can put it on your neck. It is believed that if a worshiper behave morally, the power of the morality can cause. Metal Amulet to go bigger and bigger. The bigger size of the metal amulet can break the plastic frame and you may have to change a new frame more often. The more you behave morally such as doing prayers, offering food to monks or making merits, the bigger. In the same way, the bigger a.

Metal Amulet grows, the more prosperity and lucks will be brought to you. Metal Amulets can also change their colors according to the behavior of the worshipers. Metal Amulets like to eat honey.

It can be noticed from when you drop honey on them, the honey's color will turn white. Metal Amulets are given to worshipers, they were brought to an incantation ritual performed by several magicians. The magicians will use their magic power to recite incantations over. The magic incantations recited by these magicians can influence.

Metal Amulets to turn their original colors into dark green or sometimes, into rainbow color. Metal Amulets provide a lot of advantageously magic power for humans. Firstly, its power can prevent an occurrence of natural disasters. Secondly, it can give you the power of invulnerability that no small weapons, like knives or guns, can damage you.

There was a story telling that a hunter with a. Metal Amulet on his neck hunting animals in the jungle, and when he lifted his gun up and pulled the trigger to shoot an animal, it appeared that the gun did not work. After that, he tried putting the.

Metal Amulet off his neck and pulled the trigger again; this time, the gun worked as usual. This was showing that the power of. Metal Amulet could stop the bullets and it did not want the hunter to take the animal's life. This is because taking someone or something's life is wrong. In addition, the supernatural power of. Metal Amulet can bring good lucks to you and also protect you from dangerous animals and bad magic. If you get bitten by a venomous animal like a centipede or scorpion, you can put a little powder of. Metal Amulet on your wound as it will help remove venom of your wound. Metal Amulets are widely used as an ingredient for making Buddha Amulets as their holy power is well known extensively by many people. Extremely Rare Lek Lai Tham Dtad Yen from Sacred Cave with Magical Incantations & Ceremony - Blessed by LP Somporn. Recommended Uses Bucha Item for Meditators, Wealth Seekers, those needing protection from weaponry or black magic, magical fortress Number of Amulets Made Single Pieces. Lek Lai Tham Kaya Siddhi (Pridum) Adamantine Substance. Pure and extremely highly rated Grade A, unusually piece of Lek Lai Tham, cut with Magical Fire Kasina Elemental Magic. Invoked with the Lersi Mind of the Kaya Siddhi Deva within the Lek Lai by Brahman Laymaster Ajarn Plien, and empowered by LP somporn and Luang Por Prohm, Pra Ajarn Iad (Wat Koe Yaem), and Por Tan Khai of Wat Lam Nao. This piece is High Purity Sacred Kayasiddhi Adamantine Elemental, for increased Luck, Protection and enhanced Psychic Powers. This Lek Lai has been cut inside the Cave using Kasina Fire Elemental Magic and the Wicha Dtat Lek Lai according to proper Tradition. This is is the only way to cut Lek Lai in a non industrial fashion, using only a candle and a knife, and the help of Kasina Meditation and Magical Incantation. Lek Lai Tham Dtad Yen is the rarest and most preferred type of Lek Lai. It is said to be the most powerful and pure of all types of Lek Lai. Lek Lai Tham is a finer grade directly Lek Lai composed substance with no residual effects from impurities running through it, which weaken the more commonly found varieties, and is much more pure in essence than almost all other forms of Lek Lai, with a few of the rare exceptions. Use for Bucha, Highly Empowered Meditation, Contact with the Ruesi, and developing Psychic Powers. As a Bucha object, can be prayed to as a Devotee to ask for Various Miracle Powers of Protection, Wealth Increase, Lottery and Gambling wins. Lek Lai is a kind of'complete element' which can be found in mountain caves in the forests and jungles, and is able to run along the rifts and mountain crevices as it wishes.

Both a very strong amulet for protection and wealth increase, as well as a very powerful magical tool for meditation, and magical practice. The Lek Lai has the power to heal illnesses, protect from deadly dangers and even attract great wealth and prosperity. A favorite tool for Yogis, Ruesi and Meditators, the Lek Lai is a rare and essential substance which is revered as a Kaya Siddhi element with a Deva inhabiting it.

Its properties and miraculous powers are legendary both for their invincibility protective magic and the ability to increase luck and prosperity. Kata Bucha Lek Lai for Praying to the Kaya Siddhi.

(Kata for incantation in the home or when carrying Lek Lai). Putto Mae Naa Tho, Tammo Mae Naa Tho, Sangko Mae Naa Tho. Sa Ga Pa Ja Bucha Ja.

I Sa Waa Su I Dti Bpi So Pa Ka Waa. Lek Lai, please grow and prosper, prosper greatly, cultivate good things and let them flow towards me. Samma Sammaa Sammaa Samma Ma A U. Na Ma Pa Ta Na Mo Put Taa Ya. I pay reverence to the guardian of the Sacred Element of Lek Lai that wields great power. Empowered by Monk, Very supernatural powers. How to enshrine a Metal Amulet in your home (Any kind of Metal Amulet). To invite a Metal Amulet to enshrine at your home, you first need to offer five lighted incenses to the Metal Amulet. Second, say Na Mo for three times. Finally, say this quote, Dear the Lord Buddha, Buddhist Doctrine, great moral monks, including noble angels, lower ranked angels, house's guardian spirits, the lord of jungle, lord of land, lord of mountains, lord of fields, lord of canals, lord of water and together with spirits of deceased ancestors and teachers, my name is(Say your name), today I would like to enshrine the powerful magic Metal Amulet at my house, address. (Say your house's address), as I need its magic power to protect me from dangers, support my business, and bring good lucks. My great respect and faithfulness will always be with you. How to worship the Metal Amulet. First, say Na Mo for three times. Second, cast the spell of worship Phut Thoo / Me Naa Thoo / Thammoo Me Naa Thoo / Sangkhoo Me Naa Thoo / Sa Ga Pha Ja / Buuchaa Ja Mahaa Buuchaa / Thaan Phuu Duu Lae Rak Saa / Thaat An Sak Sit / An Song Rit / Aa Nu Phaap Nii / I Sawaa Su / I Ti Pi Soo / Pha Kha Waa / Lek Lai Ja Rern Maa / Ja Rern Ying / Ja Rern Dii / Sing Dii Dii / Thang Laai / Lang Lai Khao Maa Suu Gae Tua Khaa Pha Jao / (Say your first name and last name here) / Samma Sammaa / Sammaa Samma / Na Ma A U / Na Ma Pha Tha / Na Moo Phut Thaa Ya.

LP Somporn who has strong mind to invite this Leklai from cave. LP Somporn used the strong mind from his advanced meditation, the peaceful mental, morals and halo merits that he collected. Especially he is the monk who ordained more than 32 rainy season (years).

That make him to have high mental power to invite and make condensed of this Leklai and many deities who have merit moral. This kind Leklai Suriyan Racha is the King of Leklai (King caste) which occured by nature with the characteristic have the red flame colors which have the spirit of king deity Suriyan inside, in the high precedence. And is the Leklai have high mental power halo religion and have many attendants safeguard, can help the owner avoid dangers, help to increase halo and power to owner to successful with business and trading well. Suitable for leader who must administer subordinate. This Leklai is strong power and prestige to vary by race and caste.

This feature and supposedly calls out to see the difference only as clearly. As the "Eheeuahe" is considered as one. "Living creatures" tribal species in the world. Which this kinds of Leklai psychic elemental must consecrated to invite by who only have proficient with magic formula.

Rituals that correctly and without greed. Because psychic elements may be made death. That in nowadays, there are not much people with magic formula to invite (get) them out from cave.

Because this Leklai kinds strong power and hard to invite them. And of course this kind of Leklai is unique, top of the top and powerful which is reflected the full powers of itself by advent of this Leklai. All the enlarged photos will instead speaking.

Only touch with images, you will feel with the powers of this Leklai. You will not disappointed with this Leklai certainly and will pround with this item more than that you see. This Leklai will be great extremely for your precious collections. So Don't Miss for this item!

Real&condition is very perfect Leklai Luang Phor Somporn very sacred one of Nakhon Pathom Province. (The line of meditation) are good practice. This Leklai amulet is good condition, I keep in my collection. Magic Leklai made of composition mass Leklai psychic elemental. Chanting by Luang Phor Somporn (monk at very apinya) LP.

Somporn cutting Lealai by Ta Cho Kasin. Discovered the cave by LP.

Must take Time considerably Remade in bringing each type to come out. Leklai used to make Amulet this is sacred. Very much of all kinds.

Find difficult to go into the deep woods. This Amulet is beautiful and very sacred and is need of people like amulet. Buddha's grace Leklai Can stop firearms. Add strength to the body. Things a great inducement to the owner.

Protection you from your occult, black magic, an evil power. Protect you from poisonous animals Suck the poison out of the body. Believed will bring Luck to you. Good things will unexpectedly happen to you. Make you success in anything you hope for. Amulet is Supreme valuable in collection. Amulet will bring you Luck, Good things will unexpectedly happen to you. It also make you success in anything you hope for. This Amulet will bring Prosperity and ensure success in you life.

It make you subtle, charm, Attractive for the opposite sex. Add things a great inducement to the owner. You will not be disappointed with this amazing amulet. According to LP Yai, the properties / benefits of wearing this Leklai as follows. Protective Power of LP Yai's Leklei: being invulnerable from physical harm caused by sharp weapon, fire, acid, venom or anything that could cause danger to the wearer's life.

There are many videos online to prove this theory. We will only show our customers directly at our shop. Leklai is also known to attack evil spirits / beings and block off black magic then sending it back to its origin. This is one of the most popular theory of owning a Leklai which has been proven success throughout history.

The Deva of the Leklai will protect the owner and if there is any evil spirit that tries to harm the wearer, the Leklai will automatically destroy them. That is why most Mitmors or Exorcism items are made from Leklai. Metta Maha Niyom: receiving mercy and kindness from people.

The wearer will possess immense charm to melt the heart of others. This will greatly benefit the wearer in terms of career, business, sales and even interpersonal relationship at work or social. Owners of powerful Leklais are always known to be very wealthy and well to do throughout Thai history. Due to the positive vibes and energy of the Leklai, it can also help the wearer attract wealth and positivist everywhere.

Health Benefits of wearing a Leklai as stated by LP Yai himself: Be immune from disease, increase in physical energy, send good positive vibes throughout the body, balance the body and mind, make the body system work effectively, helps with blood circulation, reinforce muscle and tendons, help with absorbing water, protect brain from being damage by radiation, reduce muscle pain or inflammation, help protect or fight against cancer or bacteria, cure paralysis, reinforce mind power and reduce depression. Please note that these results will happen only of the wearer does good and have a good heart. If a person is full of negativity and ill intention towards others, the Deva of the Leklai will not help the wearer but instead, leave the wearer.

The power of the amulet will decline if one intends to use it for bad purpose. LP Yai (Phra Ajarn Somporn Somwaro) is the abbot of Wat Pa Phrathamyannamunee in Nakhon Pathom. Through his deep cultivation and magical knowledge he can fetch Leklai. To obtain Leklai is not easy, the person must have magical powers to invite Leklai otherwise no matter how hard one tries to cut it, he will only get nothing or may fall into danger.

LP Yai is a good monk who uses his magical competence to help people. The Qualities and Identity of LekLai : It resides within the walls of caves that are cool and damp, with no bats living in there. It can remain in a static form or move or disappear, stretch and condense itself. It can block any energy fields, waves or frequency channels.

Guns will not fire in the LekLai area. It can make hot water become cold in an instant.

It consumes the phosphorous of bullets and gun shells. It can emit a Fragrant Aroma. It can heal illnesses or injuries if laid on the place that is affected. It can become lighter or heavier or Magnetic.

It can appear from nowhere. If they to be thrown , it can be find way back to start point. Leklai all kinds is very sacred and powerful. LP Yai reblessed the laklai that I obtained. Photo taken with LP Yai.

My Store Get Amulets Directly from PRADHUMMAYARNMUNEE TEMPLE. The Ritualistic Process of Cutting A Metal Amulet (LEKLAI). The Metal Amulet type that can be cut is called Thaat Samret, found in some caves in the deep forest. The Metal Amulets can move in gorge part of the mountain. It can be formed in many shapes and, hard like a stone.

It is primarily composed of natural iron. Mostly, its color is rather green but some of them are purplish orange. The variety of shapes and colors are formed in need of the want of angels who take care of them. Its texture looks rather glittering. It can be flexible and movable on the cave's wall and rock gorge.

It is believed to be under protection of powerful angels such as King of Naga, hermits, lord of the jungle and guardian spirits. The ritual of cutting the Metal Amulet has been performed for a very long time. In the former centuries, a Metal Amulet could be cut by powerful magicians. They used magic tools to cut such as magic rattan, hair of virgin women, axe, Phansa Candles and so on. The magician, who were chosen to perform the cutting ritual, needed to behave morally in an ethical way, no greed and importantly, they needed to get approval from angels, who took care of the Metal Amulet, before they could do the cutting.

This is a true story about Metal Amulet cutting ritual in the remote past. This story has not been widely recorded in the country; therefore, this is a good opportunity for those interested to learn from this document. Tools for Cutting Metal Amulet. Holy thread taken from the hole head of a holy round stone that is buried in the ground to mark the sacred boundary of the temple.

Nine pieces of small wood with hook on the top, and one piece of the big one. A magic knife for cutting.

The spell, casted to greet the Metal Amulet. The spell, casted to invite the Metal Amulet to appear.

The spell, casted when cutting the Metal Amulet. The spell, casted when tying the Metal Amulet together. Offerings for the Metal Amulet. One pair of Rice Offering, given to noble angels, and the other pair, given to ordinary angels. One main spirit houses and the other four smaller ones, set up in four direction; North, South, East, West. Seven types of fruits, placed in the four sub - spirit houses. A big tray of food and fruits, placed in the main spirit house. Four pairs of Rice offerings, placed in the four smaller spirit houses equally. Sweets and other kinds of food such as boiled pig's heads, chickens, fish, coconuts, bananas, nuts, white sesame, black sesame, Thai whiskey, Red whiskey, betel leaves, betel nuts and cigarettes, placed on the tables in front of the main spirit house. When the appropriate time arises, nine incenses and beeswax - made candle will be lighted. After that, the magicians will cast the spell be firstly saying Na Moo..

For three times, and then cast the spell of inviting angels to be present. Then, the magicians continue saying Sappe Thammaa / Naalang.

Apiniwe Saaya for three times. Next, say E Gaa Ya Noo / A Yang. Phikkhawe / Makkhoo Sattaanang / Wisut Thiyaa / Oonggaan Buangsuang /. Khaa Tae Thepphayadaa / Phuu Mii Khaampenthip / Mii Ritthaa Nuphaap / Nuea Gwaa Manut Thanglaai / Talawt Jon Phraphum Jao Thii / Na Baw Riwennii / Lae Baw Riwen Glai Khiang / Talawtjon Jao Paa Jao Khao / Phuum Thewadaa / Rukkha Thewadaa / Thaanphuu Penhuanaa / Phrawm Baw Riwaan / Khaa Pha Jao / Khaw Chern Thukthaan Maa Rap / Khrueang Sensangwoei / Aahaan Khaowaan / Khaw Choenthaan Thanglaai / Rapprathaan Dai Taam Atthayaasai / Khaw Thepphayadaa Thanglaai / Thii Khaa Phajao Awknaammaa Khaangton / Lae Mi Dai Awknaam / Phraw Ruu Thao Mai Thueng Gaan / Dai Mettaa Gae Khaa Pha Jao / Uai Chai Hai Phawngae Khaa Pha Jao / Khaw Hai Khaa Pha Jao / Mii Tae Khwaamsuk Khwaam Jaroen / Thamgit Ja gaan Ngaandai Khaw Hai Sam Ret / Taam Thii Jai Mungmaai / Phrawm Gan Nii / Khaa Pha Jao Lae Kha Na / Khaw Chom Baaramii Lek Lai / Lae Khaw Anuyaat / Anchoen Leklai Pai Sakgaara / Buu Chaa Phuea Pensiri Mongkhon / Gae Tua Khaa Pha Jao Lae Khrawp Khrua / Sak Raya Nueng / Nai A Naa Khot / Thaa Lek Lai Gawn Nii / Ja Tham Pra Yot Gae Prathet Chaat / Tham Prayot Gae Phutthasaat Sanaa / Thamprayot Gae Ma Nut Duai Gan / Khaa Pha Jao Ja Nam Pai Hai Khao Buu Chaa / Muea Som Praatthanaa Laew / Ngoen Thii Dai Maa Nan / Khaa Pha Jao Ja Tham Pra Yoot Gae Chaat / Lae Phuean Ma Nut Sii Sip Persen / Thampra Yoot Nai Phraput Thasaatsanaa Sii Sip Persen / Iik Yii Sip Persen Khaw Wai Chai Pen Suan Tua / Haak Khaa Pha Jao Thaw Rayot Khot Goong / Mai Tham Taam Sat Ja Saabaan Wai / Khaw Thewadaa Lae Duang Winyaan / Ruam Thang Baw Ri Waan Khawng Thaan Phuu Mii Rit Thanglaai / Jong Long Thoot Khaa Pha Jao / Hai Phop Gap Khaam Winaat Dapsuun / Lomjom Thueng Gae Chiiwit. The long prayer mentioned earlier is performed to promise to the angels that the requested Metal Amulet, will be used to benefit the nation and Buddhism rather than personal advantages.

The possessors of the Metal Amulet will have to make a lot of merit and contribute to people otherwise, the Metal Amulet can disappear from them and back to the angels. In case that the angels can sense the greed of a possessor in taking too much personal advantage of the Metal Amulet, the angels will take their property back.

Sometimes, the greed can also appear in a magician's mind. He can use magical trick of. This is, he asks for permission, and respond to himself regardless of the angels' decision as it was said that the trick of. To trick the angels into giving him the Metal Amulet, the magician casts this spell.

Khaa Pha Jao / Naai / Maamsagun. / Khaw Lek Lai Thii Aasai Yuu / Nai Gawn Hin Nii / Thaa Thaan Phuu Pen Jao Khawng / Lek Lai Gawn Nii / Rue Thaan Phuu Duu Lae Lek Lai Gawn Nii / Anuyaat Hai Gae Khaa Pha Jao / Khaw Hai Dai Yin Siang Waa Hai (pause for few seconds here and the magician respond to himself) /Hai/. How to Make Magical Protective Hedge with Holy Thread. To perform the ritual for taking the Metal Amulet out of inside of the rock can be troubled by bad spirits around the place. The bad spirits always look for an opportunity to destroy the ritual.

So, to protect this, magicians have to encircle themselves with holy thread which its radius circle is at least one meter. Thread will be fasten with wooden poles. The circle can be bigger depending on the number of magicians inside.

Tools for Encircling Holy Threat around the Magicians. Holy thread, taken from the hole head of a holy round stone that is buried in the ground to mark the sacred boundary of the temple. Ten pieces of sticks with hooks on the top. The word hook in English is pronounced Khaw in Thai language. However, the word khaw in Thai can also be defined as please give me. So, this can be used as a trick to request the permission for possessing the Metal Amulet. There are nine sticks with small hooks on the top and there is the other one hard stick, fastened with the bigger hook. On the hard stick with the biggest hook, the magicians write ancient Khmer letters from the top to the bottom of the stick and cast the magic spell called Chuu Chok as mentioned below. Pa Gaa Sen Too Taa / Chuu Chok Khon Soo / Khaw Khrai Mai Dai Tawng Hai Gaw Khaw Khaw. The hook represents a controller controlling big animals such as elephants, cows, and buffalos.

The hook is used to hit the animals' head in order to force them to do something. As the hook has power to control, plus the magic stick with the Khmer letters written on and casted with the spell called Chuu Chok, the magicians can possess the Metal Amulet easily. These ten pieces of sticks with the hooks on the top will be stuck on the ground and get fasten with holy thread in the circular connection. In this case, the holy thread represents the wall's city which can protect bad spirits from other around. By the time the sticks are being put on the ground, the magicians will chant this spell.

Phut Thoo Phut Tha / Oomme Ama U / Pakduang Jit / Duang Jai / Wai Gap Mae Phra Thoranii / Luuk Faak Lakchai Khumphai Hai Luuk / Muu Maan Maa Pen Saen / Mae Yang Chuai Hai Phut Phon Phai / Thaa Sii Ne Pa Wi Kha Sa / Ame U An / Choe Mae Phra Thaw Ra Nii Maa Rak Saa Luuk. When this chanting ends, the magicians will continue chanting the other prayers. Phut Phuuk Tha Matsang / Rat Mi Trueng / Phutthang Prasit Thi Me / Thammang Prasit Thi Me / Sangkhang Prasit Thi Me.

By the end of this praying, the magicians will clockwise fasten the holy thread with the sticks in a circular join. And then begin to say the last prayer. Phutthoo Phutthang Na Gantang / Arahang Phutthoo / Thammoo Thammang Na Gantang / Arahang Thammoo / Sanghhoo Sangkhang Na Gantang / Arahang Sangkhoo / Na Moo Phut Thaa Ya / Na Ma Pha Tha / Ja Pha Ga Sa / Phaa Maa Naa / U Ga Sa Na Thu / Phuttha Ganna / Thamma Ganna / Sangkha Ganna.

I Mutsa Ming Mongkon / Jak Ga Waan Thang Paet Thit / Pra Sitthi Pen Gampaeng Gaeo Jet Chan / Pawng Gan Lawm Rawp Khawp Monthon / I Ra Chaa Kha Ta Ra / Saa Gaa Yaa Duu Lae Rak Saa / Duai Thammang Prasit Sangkhang Prasit / Ma Moo Na Mat Gaa / Jat Awk Pai Sat Thruu Thang Laai / Yaa Glai Se Maa Monthon. The magicians who perform the ritual need to wear white costume which represents the purity of morality. They will put a Buddha image in front of them and perform prayer in order to increase the magic power in them because it is believed that the Buddha image can give the power to those who do a prayer for.

The power derived from praying, plus personal magical ability of the magicians can create strong willpower. This strong willpower will help the magicians sense the location of the Metal Amulet. To make the Metal Amulet appear also needs the assistance from magic candles. The magic candles need to be made of beeswax only as beeswax is the only one thing that can help the magicians navigate the location of the Metal Amulet.

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Huge 100% Natural Pure Kod super Leklai Yoi Lucky stone Thai Buddha amulet 3200g