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Rare! Phra Pong LP Suk Wat Pakklongmakhamtoa BE2536 Old Thai Buddha Antique #1

Rare! Phra Pong LP Suk Wat Pakklongmakhamtoa BE2536 Old Thai Buddha Antique #1
Rare! Phra Pong LP Suk Wat Pakklongmakhamtoa BE2536 Old Thai Buddha Antique #1
Rare! Phra Pong LP Suk Wat Pakklongmakhamtoa BE2536 Old Thai Buddha Antique #1
Rare! Phra Pong LP Suk Wat Pakklongmakhamtoa BE2536 Old Thai Buddha Antique #1

Rare! Phra Pong LP Suk Wat Pakklongmakhamtoa BE2536 Old Thai Buddha Antique #1

Phra Pong LP Suk Wat Pakklongmakhamtoa Gen. Power ----Rich ---- Rich ---- Lucky ----Happy. It is very rare and looks so beautiful, It will be one of the best in your collection. Luang Pu Suk Geso Wat Khao Makham Tao Chai Nat.

Phra Khruam Vimol Khunkarn Luang Pu Suk Wat Paknam Khao Makham Tao Originally Posted by Suk He was born in Geshwesh later descendants used his last name Gaysvee Suriya is a native of Chai Nat, born in 1847, in the same year as the year of Oxbow in the reign of King Rama IV (King Rama IV) at Ban Makhamtan. Or at present is the mouth of the canal tamarind. Wat Sing District Chai Nat Province His father's name is the mother's name Thongdee is domiciled in tamarind district. The family is engaged in trading and gardening Luang Pu Suk. He is the son of the eldest brother (the eldest).

There are nine brothers in the life of Luang Pu Suk. A young boy The courageous, determined, self-confident as possible.

They were taken to be the children's leaders in the Wat Singh market area, next to the Chao Phraya River. Everyday activities are like typical rural children. It is a swimming race on a floating island. It is fun to play with a mischievous child.

Then the turning point of life came. Date of Birth While the Suk I was swimming with my friends like I was every day. Mother was out looking for concern.

When to see the water with them. So scolded and called up. But with your mischief, you do not hear what your mother calls.

Makita Edita is a big mistake. Then speak out with that irony.

If it does not come up. When the tug boat sailed past. The SUK boy dashed out to swim to the tugboat island.

Climb up on a tugboat. The boat has passed through many provinces, leaving you from your hometown. The nomadic wandering and living in the province of Nonthaburi. Wat Pho Thong Or Wat Pho Bangkhen today. Until grown up as a big He came to know a woman called "Somboon" with good manners, so he agreed to marry, eat my husband.

I do not know Help to create a stable position. And there is a son together with a teacher Mr. Ordained by the spirit to be ordained to substitute parental merit When he was 22 years old, he was ordained as a Buddhist monk at Wat Pho Thongthong.

Located at the mouth of the Lower Canal. The temple was near his home at that time, with pastor Chay Chantasiri, former pastor Wat Pho Thong Lower is a goddess.

The ordination of the parents did not attend the ceremony. From Chai Nat to Nonthaburi It takes at least 2-3 days for the pastor to be a clergy. Strictly in the discourses of the discipline. You are also a teacher. The great vipassana and buddha, one of those days. Luang Pu Suk He received the knowledge of his precepts with the teachers, Wat, Shin Wanaram and Luang Pu Tao Temple. Pathum Thani Province Who is a disciple in the line Wat Pho Thong Thong same.

Seeking a teacher in meditation and Vedic sciences. When ordained, at first, he was with the preceptor. To study the teachings of Vinaya, meditation and meditation meditation until it is quite mature. To find peace, practice various subjects that have been learned. During this time, he traveled to various places to study the famous celebrities of those days.

Studying meditation with the Bureau of Wat Phrathat (Wat Ratchasararam) and the "Sravasti Cloud", Master of the meditation masterpiece of the Middle Way, at one time, the story has emerged between Luang Prabus and Sultan. In the meantime, Luang Por Suk, who was doing miracles, brought a three-headed head with a spell that he had learned to use as a spell. Tai Luang Pu is a long time, it turns out that the three heads have turned into three rabbits in the rabbit. You can imagine that it was Luang Pu Suk.

Your rabbit must sit down and spell. Look at me here, said Luang Pu, then the end of the stick of tales of the monk's monument. Point to the frond of the pile on the remaining area. It turns out that the rest of the rabbit became rabbit. Make a surprise to Luang Pu Suk. So he came to study meditation meditation through the monastery, the monk Wat An Kharam is a place to be.

The Luang Pu can be sprouted to the rabbit with the power of the mind by the power of meditation that you have trained well. Those who can perform the action must be successful.

Apinya means higher knowledge or higher knowledge than normal. It is the special knowledge that comes from the training of mental intelligence, or the practice of meditation until it is meditated. Apinya refers to the special qualities of jalanapa, the person who has meditated, or the virtuous one, which is the cause of the divine power. Airliner The leaf is a hornet. To create things as desired.

Pappanivan Confucianism Recognizes Ascari b. Knowing how to make Awaa end. 5 of the first is a person's perception. Article 6 only the saint.

So if you find a performer. Do not understand that the person will always be. In addition, he also learned about the "sorcery", "Alchemy" and "Luang Pu Tram Annam Karam" by staying with Phra Phutthana (Mud).

The people of Chainat together with the subjects you have a lot of Luang Pu is doing. "Metal Cloud Rights", which has the magic of fortune, fortune, and turn bad things into good. It will be seen that Luang Pu Suk. Not a lot of the meat is made with the right kind of cloud of Wat.

Not a lot of the meat is made with the cloud of the right formula of Wat An Khmer. Nowadays, alchemical texts do cloud right fall into the "black peoples of Amphawa District" when the black textbook ends with "Doctor Chom Muang Samut Songkhram" and enters " Wat Luang Pu Suk "is a knowledgeable expert in the triptych. Meditation The subject of superstition is excellent, you have been experimenting in the miracle very much appeared in this story, there are his disciples who had been close to the story that his grandfather, Wat Tam Kham Tao. You accomplished the four elements when someone completed.

What can be done to tie up the hermit invisible, hide the body, explode the water to walk in the ocean. Walking on the surface of the water, you can see all the things you want to do, whatever you want to do.

In addition to the accomplishments of these 4 sciences, you have also accomplished many of the great sciences. You have performed the chanting ceremony with chrysanthemum powder and collected them to make a small print.

Distribute a lot of disciples at the powder, make a wonderful powder powder to powder, beat the powder, Triniti, Powder, Powder, Powder, Powder, Powder, Powder, Powder, Powder, Powder, Powder, Powder, Powder, Powder, Powder, Powder, Powder. Very much Have mercy, great magnanimity, invulnerability Escort Any Buddhist who has the form of Kavapol. Luang Pu Suk Wat Tamarindo is already there. Back home Luang Pu grandfather years in the Dharma.

Until the news of motherhood sick old age. With care for mothers and fathers. To Chai Nat And the first year of the monks at Wat U Thong, Klong Makham Tao. This is an ancient temple in the deep. Into the tamarind canal or the current Tha Chin River.

But the condition at that time. Broken down by condition Excessive restoration in good condition continues, he has built a new temple, which is Wat Pak Kham Makham Tao.

Which was given to Wiwatkrai in the year 2447 while you were alive. He began to build various temples from abandoned temples. Nothing Until the full The Buddhist monks are becoming monasteries to this day.

Luang Pu Suk was given the title. Phra Khru Wimol Kunakorn Hold the district princes (Now called Primate District) is the first of Wat Sing District. Luang Pu Suk began to suffer from senile symptoms in 1921, and in July 1923, he became more sympathetic. And in November It died with the calm on December 23, 2466 Siri, aged 75 years, 50 years. The amulet for luck and wealth of the owner will multiply and increase all the time. This amulet also have power of win all obstacles mantra that will help you get through all tough situation.

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  • Color: Black
  • Maker: LP Suk Wat Pakklongmakhamtao Chainat, Thailand
  • Type: Amulets (Gen. Yanwisate)
  • Primary Material: Mixed Materials (Nur Black Wan)
  • Age: Post-1940 (BE2536)
  • Region of Origin: Southeast Asia
  • Original/Reproduction: Original

Rare! Phra Pong LP Suk Wat Pakklongmakhamtoa BE2536 Old Thai Buddha Antique #1