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REAL LEK LAI Black Jewel of Thailand BENJAPAKEE SET of 5 Thai Buddha Amulets

REAL LEK LAI Black Jewel of Thailand BENJAPAKEE SET of 5 Thai Buddha Amulets

REAL LEK LAI Black Jewel of Thailand BENJAPAKEE SET of 5 Thai Buddha Amulets
Please Note: This is REAL natural LEK LAI NAM RONG from Thailand that has been mixed with sacred magical ingredients to create th ese amulets. SET OF 5 BUDDHA AMULETS AMULET from THAILAND. LEK LAI NAM RONG (see below). We donated for this set at the Phra Si Rattana Mahathat Temple Thailand. All of our SACRED BLESSED & EMPOWERED items are guaranteed to be authentic and as described.

The reason for the release of these amulets is that the Earth as we know it is now a dark and dangerous place and we would like spiritual and sacred people to be part of the new awakening. There are very few people in the world who can feel and sense and need this sacred and special power. "BenjaPakee" is an ancient word from Pali. Benja means 5 kind or type, Pakee means set or grouping. So BenjaPakee means 5 different types of amulets in a group or set.

A group of well-known amulet collectors in early 1950s suggested a guide for the Thai people, the best choice to worn on their neck, Also taking into consideration of the Buddha history, age, form and size etc. The words Lek Lai can be translated to Fluid or flowing Metal or Steel Eel. Lek Lai is also called The Heaven metal and the Black Jewel of Thailand. It is believed that Lek Lai is indestructible and totally immortal.

Old beliefs from Thailand say that Lek Lai is found in deep forests or mysterious caves and many people believe this. Many people believe that Lek Lai is not an ordinary mineral but a type of fluid or liquid animal that can swim across mountains! Lek Lai is one of the most famous sacred substances in Thailand and it is believed that a spirit lives in Lek Lai and the spirit will release its magical powers in many different ways.

Lek Lai will make its wearer invincible, it will protect its wearer from any danger and it will destroy any evil spirits, enemies and dangerous animals. Even today there are very few people who can describe the properties of Lek Lai correctly, Lek Lai is a true special gift from nature, it cannot be altered or changed, it cannot be improved in an artificial way and it is very powerful. Many healers believe that Lek Lai increases their healing powers and when using a Lek Lai amulet it speeds up all healing. A Lek Lai amulet should be worn around the neck and it should be treated with respect and honoured. If it is not cared for or respected it will simply vanish.

Even nowadays there are Lek Lai masters who will insert small pieces of Lek Lai under the skin of a disciple for their protection! Lek Lai Nam Rong has been mixed with other sacred ingredients and made into amulets for many centuries as well as being worn in its natural state. Searching for Lek Lai: According to ancient texts to find Lek Lai you have to search in very quiet and desolate places for very clean caves that do not have the droppings of any animals.

The temperature in the cave should be very cool and refreshing. If you believe that an area in the cave contains Lek Lai then you should shoot a gun at that area, if the area you are shooting at does contain Lek Lai then no bullets will fire from your gun! When you have found the area that contains Lek Lai before cutting the Lek Lai out of the cave you have to pray to the spirit of the cave and the spirit of the mountain or jungle or the god that protests that area.

Once you have found the Lek Lai a Sai Sin cotton string should be tied around the Lek Lai before it is cut out of the cave. By doing this you will be protected. This is a Buddha Lek Lai amulet from Thailand called a'PHRA SOMDEJ'. Thai people believe that the Phra Somdej amulet is the best amulet to give very strong protection to the wearer. A Phra Somdej amulet will help you acquire great wealth, give you good luck in your business and every day life, will help you overcome any obstacles in life, will protect you from being harmed and protect you from all types of danger. A Phra Somdej amulet will also protect you from evil spirits. Phra Somdej were created by Somdej Phra Buddhacara Toh Prommarangsi (Somdej Toh) son of. He started to make Phra Somdej amulets in B. Materials for making Phra Somdej comprise of : Shell lime, holy powder, assorted flowers from shine, rice, lotus, ashes, honey, banana, tang oil, etc. When the amulet has been created it is chanted with spells by Buddhist monks. A Phra Somdej amulet will bless you for good karma and strong protection against negative energy.

A total of 84,000 amulets were made at the time. Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang is one.

Of the most famous and the best amulets from Thailand. Please Note: This is REAL natural LEK LAI NAM RONG from Thailand that has been mixed with sacred magical ingredients to create these amulets. This is a Buddha Lek Lai amulet from Thailand called a'NANG PHAYA'. Phra Nang Phaya were created during of Ayuttaya era, Phitsanulok province. The major discovered are from Wat Nang Phaya around B. The temple was said to be built for merits making to his Queen, the mother of King Naresuan, the Thai people given name "Queen of Thailand amulets". Phra Nang Phaya are very famous for bless strong with attractiveness and respectful from all others, also power on charm and safe from all dangers. This is a Buddha Lek Lai amulet from Thailand called a'PHRA SOOMGOR'. Phra Somgor were first discovered on B. 2392 in Wat Phra Boromathat, Kamphaeng Phet province. The amulets were created in the era King Phra Maha Dharmarajalitai, the 5th king of Sukhothai. Phra Somgor is a mixture of Sukhothai-Lanka (Sri Lanka) style. It form a sitting posture of a thumb shape. According to memorandum of Wat Phra Boromathat, Phra Somgor amulets were made by 11 hermits or Phra Lersi using special materials and invited Devadas to create the molds. There is a slogan for Phra Somgor " If you have me, you never get poor". Estimated to be made some 550 years. This is a Buddha Lek Lai amulet from Thailand called a'PHRA ROD'. Phra Rod was created by a hermit. First discovered during the earlier days of King Rama 5 reign when a pagoda from Wat Mahawan in Lumphun province.

The Thai people regard this particular amulet as Buddha of Escape, they have superb Buddhistic power, especially in protection and being safe from all dangers and disasters or misfortunes. They are made of clay and the oldest once are over 1,250 years old. If you enquired about an amulet that could protect you from evil and dangers, one of the many amulets cited may be the Phra Rod Wat Mahawan Buddha amulet. This amulet has over thousands of history and legend attached to it.

This is a Buddha Lek Lai amulet from Thailand called a'PHRA PHONG SUPAN'. Phra Phong Supan were discovered on B.

2456 in Wat Phra Sri Ratanamahathat in Supanburi province. According to a golden scripture found together in the pagoda which described that Phra Phong Supan was created by Phra Mahathera PiyaThassi Saribut during the period of King Bormrajathiraj 2nd. It has strong "U-thong" art style. Most of these amulets were unique as at the back they had a thumb print of the creator. A superb Buddha amulets, this has huge protective power against weapons and brings good luck. Is the one of the most powerful amulets ever created. Buddhist Monk with a huge piece of Lek Lai!!!!!!! ALL of our Thai Buddha Amulets are. Donated for / bought in Buddhist Temples. And all of our amulets have been. Blessed in Buddhist Temples by Buddhist monks. Real Buddhist amulets to foreigners and the majority of Buddha amulets that are bought in Thailand by foreigners are not genuine they are fake!! All of our amulets come from Buddhist temples in Thailand.

All of our amulets are. And have been created and blessed by Buddhist monks. If you light a lamp for somebody, it will also brighten your path. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT OUR LEK LAI AMULETS ARE TREATED WITH RESPECT BY WEARERS. All of our SACRED BLESSED & EMPOWERED items.

Are guaranteed to be authentic and as described. It is important that Thai amulets be treated with respect by wearers.

Thai Buddha Sacred Amulets are usually worn on a chain or a cord. Most Buddhists believe that by wearing an image of Buddha or a Thai Monk (Luang Phor) it will give them protection and great luck. Most Thai Buddhists will never leave home without their sacred amulet. The sacred amulet will dispel any evil, it will protect you from disease, misfortune and accidents and guard you on you way. These sacred Buddha amulets will help you to gain huge wealth, success in your every way in your work or your total life.

These sacred blessed and empowered amulets can vary in size and in price. This depends on who made the amulet and the rarity.

Due to the huge demand for these sacred amulets there are many fakes around and you must be very careful not to be misled. These are not copies or mass produced fakes but they have been produced for the majority of people who want and need a real amulet at a reasonable price.

There are many competitions for these sacred amulets and there are many collectors thought the world. In the competitions the sacred amulets are examined under magnifying glasses and sometimes x-ray machines are used to determine if the amulets are genuine! Thai Buddha Sacred Amulets are often given as gifts to family, friends and business colleagues as the people who wear these sacred blessed amulets have many good tales to tell of how the amulet protected them or gave them good luck. As ALL GENUINE THAI BUDDHA SACRED AMULETS have been blessed before they have been released from the temples of their maker there is no need to bless them again as the PURE SPIRITUAL POWER that has been embedded inside the amulet will remain for ever. There are HUGE amount of fake amulets around that are produced by factories and are not real and have never seen a Temple - Shrine or a Monastery and these are exported around the world.

Amulets are REAL and have been produced, blessed and empowered by Buddhist monks in Buddhist temples. None of the amulets on this site are mass produced fakes!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE NOTE: The majority of the amulet cases are not old and have been replaced with new cases.

The new cases have been worn for a few years. We do not clean or dust any of our amulets as the amulets can be very delicate and can be damaged by dusting or cleaning.

The dust and the original patina on an amulet increases its power and is a special part of the amulet. For centuries many Thai Buddhists have believed that by carrying a Blessed Thai Amulet with Buddha images, Luang Phor (Thai Buddhist Monks) or Gods you will be given good luck, and protection. Thai Blessed amulets will guard you from danger, will dispel evil and negative bad and dangerous energy, and protect you from disease. It is believed that a blessed Thai Buddhist amulet will help you to gain great wealth and will guard you and give you success while you are at home, at work, or travelling.

Thai amulets can be cast from metal or carved from a piece of wood, or made from a special magical powder that contains hundreds of different special and secret ingredients that are then pressed into a mould and then baked. After this is done the amulets are blessed by monks in order to give the wearer the sacred spiritual power of protection. It is important that Thai Buddhist amulets be treated with respect by wearers. We donated for this BenjaPakee set of 5 amulets at the Phra Si Rattana Mahathat Temple Thailand. Your inner world is a place of dreams, secrets, hopes, aspirations, fantasies and plans- of longing, anger, love, hope, ambition and the yearning for happiness.

This inner place can be both a sanctuary and a place of turmoil. It is where vitality withers or flourishes because here we create our deepest identity through our desires. Your vitality takes on the qualities of the dominant emotional forces that are active deep within you. These are the true forces that are active deep within you. These are the true forces that feed our everyday persona.

You to go back, far back in time to when you were a child. In those days you thought that. Nothing at all was impossible, you could do anything and everything.

In those days long ago your spirit had not been reduced by negativity you believed in pure and special magical powers and your mind was open to receive and discover and to understand the mysteries of life. These Sacred Blessed and Empowered items have PURE POSITIVE SACRED POWER and can and will be attuned to you. Do you remember long ago that you had the ability of second sight, and other special abilities. You might never have revealed this to anyone as you felt slightly afraid and were not sure in yourself. Years later life takes its toll and you now think that these special abilities that you had years ago are now gone. These abilities NEVER GO, you still have the same abilities but you now have to clear a path to open your mind and be able to go back to your childhood and let your mind open up. When you work with our Sacred Blessed items you will soon realise that these are SACRED SPECIAL TOOLS and will work for you in many different ways. They will open up a PURE POWER FLOW FOR YOU, and enable PURE POSITIVE ENERGY to enter your divine spirit. Our sacred, rare, empowered and blessed items are being made available for the benefit of practitioners, like you, who would like to have holy objects as devotional support to your practice. Rather, we are making them available with the express wish to benefit others. All funds in excess of our costs help us to continue our activities. The item "REAL LEK LAI Black Jewel of Thailand BENJAPAKEE SET of 5 Thai Buddha Amulets" is in sale since Tuesday, April 24, 2018. This item is in the category "Collectables\Religion & Spirituality\Buddhism". The seller is "spiritual-sky" and is located in Bournemouth.

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REAL LEK LAI Black Jewel of Thailand BENJAPAKEE SET of 5 Thai Buddha Amulets