Thai Amulet Buddha

Khunpaen Prai Phan-nigar Wat Sanpramoung Thai Buddha Genuine Amulets

Khunpaen Prai Phan-nigar Wat Sanpramoung Thai Buddha Genuine Amulets
Khunpaen Prai Phan-nigar Wat Sanpramoung Thai Buddha Genuine Amulets
Khunpaen Prai Phan-nigar Wat Sanpramoung Thai Buddha Genuine Amulets
Khunpaen Prai Phan-nigar Wat Sanpramoung Thai Buddha Genuine Amulets

Khunpaen Prai Phan-nigar Wat Sanpramoung Thai Buddha Genuine Amulets

KHUNPAEN PRAIPHANNIGAR WAT SANPRAMOUNG PAYAO POPULAR PHRA THAI BUDDHA AMULET. Please see the above attached photos with care, they will show you more descriptions in detail. "For extra good quality Stainless case Or Plastic water proof ".

Phra Khunpaen Prai Phannigar (Sawatu jao Yannavichai). Blessed and Consecrated by Eminent Monk. Pra Aj Warasak Yannavichayo Sawatu Jao Yannavichai with. Consecrating Temple / P lace. Wat Sanpra Moung Phayao Province. With Phrai Ganya Holy Powder, Full mass.

Excellence / Unused / good condition / with original box of temple. Width 5 mm / Height 4.2 mm / Thick 0.6 mm. This amulet can help us to make our wish come true, especially for Charm and Love to get a great relationship with people as well as make our business to be smooth and successful.

Color Purple (Zubphamongkon) happiness buried Nakaprok the Thakrut gold one in 50 items Buddha is No. Auspicious rare it is PhraKhunpean great fortune mercy. Another great popularity comes great strength is regarded as one of the top PhraKhunpean Phayao. Lanna recently launched at the beginning of 2558 marked another. Hot overtake arch not PhraKhunpean.

That were very loud now. Line-com raise funds to build the temple. Off the Line-com given in the temple. A memorial to those who merit the ball nimit. Line-com Tel front of the temple.

The key material used to create it are as follows. Powder with the Ni Edgar (MaeFaicome). Showcase 300 years old Taiprai / Lightning. Taiprai a tree in the cemetery at the end of this Mother. (Some energy The trees are made).

Brick relics brought from Wat PhraTadAoungkeang Maetomnai forest in the past is Maetomg Vieng, a very sacred place. Oil and oil that PayaKaidang culmination of Great Mercy good luck trading progress. Slate PhraKring Somdej PhraSangkharat Pae Wat Sutud Patriarch raft slate bouquet PhraKring old bell / metal alloy, and more.

Mass to be built Khunpean. Praiphannigar (Mae fricom) wooden Showcase is submerged in the dam. Why is that April 2556 year ago. The municipalities and Mobile Development Surveyed the dam PhaChangmoub In order to dredging and dam traps sediment that accumulates under the dam to store water.

For use in the dry season next year. The dam and the dredging until the last day and nearing completion. Back to hotel staff were too tired from working all day. And falls asleep for a moment. A girl was told to bring the wood submerged in soil up to me.

I lived here for several hundred years. An officer was startled up.

I did not think anything But the next day morning he went to work as usual because work is nearing completion. He drilled into the dam dig much digging was not like there was nothing to obscure the loader he went down to see and be seen. And has enlisted the help lift villagers and brought a ceremony at the temple.

This is a matter to be established. Recent Elf blessings associated Ni Edgar. Who Are Prai Phannigar "Mae Fri-Com"?

History is not exactly Mae FriCom Phannigar nickname Fri died for unknown reasons. Also known as "the death" was a figure he says he is going to happen then. To allow the bone to the ceremony or the time. His relatives came to discuss what to do with the bones.

The measure was to create the perfect fit. I have no idea how to build something good. He consulted create PhraKhunpean The gathering mass and bone powder and their nine Pongpraimoeifra Elf and Ngmamanpornri from Kengtung. And many of the powder to create Phrakhunpean. Praiphannigar (Mae fricom) in this time.

Do not have offerings And without incense. Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samm Sambuddhassa (repeat 3times). Buddtang Sitti Bham mang Sitti Sang kang Sitti. PhraPrai jaow already or Sang Kha Tang Ro kang ka vi to already Madam. Come help Impulse allows bars to trade Buddang not attack.

Sangkang see jaded weakly passionate love is kind. Na Cha Lee Ti, Pha Ti Sang Kha Yo. Pha Ti So Ma Wey, Pha ti Wey Ma Wae, Pha Ti Wae Ma Wha. Ja Cha Na, Na Cha Le Ti. Bud Dang Ga Rang, Dham Mang Ga Ray

A He Ma Ni

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  • Color: Brown
  • Maker: Pra Aj Warasak Yannavichayo Wat Sanpramoung
  • Type: Amulets (Khun Pean)
  • Primary Material: Kron-krong+Copper Takrut+Jemstone+Code
  • Age: Post-1940 / 14 Oct 2558
  • Region of Origin: Southeast Asia
  • Original/Reproduction: Original

Khunpaen Prai Phan-nigar Wat Sanpramoung Thai Buddha Genuine Amulets