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2pcs Leklai Thai Amulet Lp Somporn Protect Buddha Heal good Protect Lucky Takrut

2pcs Leklai Thai Amulet Lp Somporn Protect Buddha Heal good Protect Lucky Takrut
2pcs Leklai Thai Amulet Lp Somporn Protect Buddha Heal good Protect Lucky Takrut
2pcs Leklai Thai Amulet Lp Somporn Protect Buddha Heal good Protect Lucky Takrut
2pcs Leklai Thai Amulet Lp Somporn Protect Buddha Heal good Protect Lucky Takrut
2pcs Leklai Thai Amulet Lp Somporn Protect Buddha Heal good Protect Lucky Takrut
2pcs Leklai Thai Amulet Lp Somporn Protect Buddha Heal good Protect Lucky Takrut

2pcs Leklai Thai Amulet Lp Somporn Protect Buddha Heal good Protect Lucky Takrut

2pcs Leklai Thai Amulet Lp Somporn Protect Buddha Heal good Protect Lucky Takrut. The only temple in Thailand Which has the largest Leklai museum in. Wat Phra Thamyannamunee, Nakhon Pathom Province. Protection from harm and all kind of danger, Deflect away black magic and bad luck, Overcome all obstacles in life & Smooth sailing in life, Increase Luck Tremendously, Good in business, Bring good protection for your daily life, increase physical energy and help blood circulation and stay healthy and body system work effectively, Help balance body energy, Mind and sleep easily.

LP Somporn (Yai) has gathered. Leklai Tanam, and Other sacred stones. Include 59 item cotained in this takrut. So it has a super powerfull.

Name : Takrut Leklai LP Somporn (Yai). Made Sacred And Increased A Powerfull By. LP Somporn (Yai)Temple : Wat Phra Thamyannamunee. Nakhon Pathom Province, Central Region Of Thailand. Important note: Every Lek Lai is made by LP Somporn (Yai) hand. It has 100% complete components. But Leklai style of glass is available in many different colors, not unique, random. Products for each person Maybe not like in the picture. Material : Leklai & Sacred Stones.

Color : Multi - Color (As pictures). Takrut Size : 1.5x 2 Cm. Year Of Production : 2560 B. The Powerfull Of Takrut Leklai. Lek Lai Jao Pa: Prevent dangers.

Lek Lai Ngen Yuang: Prevent jungle fever. Lek Lai Plerng: Create illusion. Lek Lai Ngog: Prevent you from. Poisonous animals and detoxify body.

Lek Lai Torahod: Strengthen body. Lek Lai Yard Nam Pah Taravadi: Bring. All gods and goddesses to worship you. Lek Lai Jed Sri: Enhance mental power. Long life and free from sickness.

Lek Lai Thong Kham Dam: Prevent you. From all kinds of poisonous animals. Lek Lai Ta Nam: Get rid of sickness.

Detoxify and prevent black magic. Lek Lai Paya Saming Lek: Immortality.

Lek Lai Thong Pla Lai: The great power. Lek Lai Petch Leek: Prevent all dangers. Phra That Lek Lai: Mercy and good luck. Look Lek Lai: Luck and Mercy and safety. Lek Lai Nam Mun and Nom Pha: The great appreciation.

Lek Piek-white gold: Bring wealth, safety and happiness. Gark Ya Yak soil: Enhance the power of all kinds of Lek Lai.

Fon Saneha: Happiness and safety. Mok Pha Deang: Immortality and mercy. Mok Pha Kheaw: Prevent the black magic.

Igneous: Prevent the dark arts. Rusri Kotipi pill: Heal skin disease.

Lek Lai Bo Pi Tum: Treat diseases; immortality. Keaw Mok Mung Muang: Bring happiness and prevent fire hazard.

Keaw Nam Hai: Prevent harms. Keaw Pak Kheaw: Enhance life energy a. Keaw Prakai Roong: Carry forward the talents. Keaw Jakkapad: Enhance power and protect you.

Cho Keaw or Kluay Wee Keaw: Stimulate the body. Janjira or Janthrathip: Support love. Kret Keaw powder: Make all wishes come true.

Poo Hin: Immortality and happiness. Sai Nam Lai: Support business. Hoi Pen Hin: Bring mercy and success. Petch Paya Ngoo: Bring good luck, mercy and prevent bad spirits. Hin Kheaw Hanuman: Prevent jungle.

Rae Sai Ngern: Travel, luck and mercy. Rae Sai Hod: The great power. Quartz: Stimulate electricity in the body and help all masses work naturally. Lek Lai Gerd: Prevent fire in the jungle and protect you.

Dok Bua Hin: The great mercy and luck. Rang Lek Lai Nam Neung: Tolerance to everything. Petch Paya Nak: Loved by everyone.

Tao Hin: Immortality, luck and happiness. Mang Da Hin: Immortality and happiness. One thousand year old brick: Prevent harms. Lai Dam, Lai Kheaw: Mercy and Immortality. 108 Wan such as Wan Prai Dam, Wan Saneha Jun Kaw, Deang, Kheaw, Dam.

Khot Mai Pai: Save from being drowned and prevent harms. Pong-Bang Bod: The great mercy.

Mahawan Prai Dam: Immortality and long life. Leklai is pure natural iron ore. Received a prayer containing power By the hermit who is in the high class To maintain virtue With the psychic element to help those who have Adversity and salvation Considered a psychic element that has radiation or respiration power that is powerful in defense. And things that are near from danger from firearms or sharp objects It is a substance that is immortal and extremely rare. There must be many rituals to obtain Therefore, Leklai is an expensive paranormal object because it is widely known and it is commonly understood that Leklai has great power Can protect the lives of people with Leklai with them And will be protected miraculously safe from many serious accidents and weapons.

Going back in time for a long time In the countless times of the past Maha Hermit Kailot Was an observer who called a mineral Which is characterized by solidification, molten, decomposed, and able to combine Looks like iron but not iron He called to gather in caves since the Atlantis period, which had the most prosperity of that era. But has disappeared from the world map It is believed that this continent passed away in the ocean at the time of the Great Flood. And Noah built a boat to escape the flood According to the stories that have been recorded in ancient scriptures. In addition, there are the great hermit Gassap and the great hermit who attained the highest attainment.

He was the one who had called the mineral together in the cave wall. To be the resting place of spirits Saw with the powers of perception that Under this land about 3 km deep there are many sources of psychic elements.

Molten cast iron mixed together in the center of the world, which is well known in the scientific world as "lava" itself, but under those lava rocks, there is a "iron ore" complete with quality And is superior to other steels. The Great Hermit Apinya So use his psychic powers with the power of Apinya to draw the iron ore up from under the lava Pray the mind to be a sacred object.

Has psychic power, has miraculous protection and protection The high spiritual power chanted contained by the power of the hermit, then use the magical power to cut the magic iron into his idols, such as Shiva, Narai, Brahma and compressing the power of Jito meditation. Or the power to enter and pray for divinity. But there are some great hermits who have great faith Enter the state at full speed, and remove your mind or soul with spiritual power Went into that magical metal idol. It was considered a sacrifice of worship to the Lord Other ascetics saw him, taking the example Because it is considered the highest charity that has joined the soul of God by shortcut.

Later, other ascetics saw that removing the mind into idols Should enter other forms of haunting that will remain magical and sacred as before For the saint to pay respects for the blessings Protect and protect lives and assets. Therefore, ascetics, other ascetics, who perform asceticism in various caves, are considered inherited. Will focus on these psychic minerals to flow together into an immortal body For the possessed spirit When the physical body became destroyed under time For this reason, various caves have a hidden metal lurking past the present. It is the Leklai prototype that was first created in the world.

Until later became a principle Popular inherited in Buddhism. That the High Class Apinya Popularizing to remove one's mind by means of Manom Jittitham into the Buddha statue Then prayed for the Buddha to float along the water See any place suitable for people to pay obeisance The villagers will perform the ritual and pull up the worship ritual successfully. This remade is comparable to the body of the great hermit.

That has the immortal spirit of the Great Hermit Therefore was supernatural above all living things Until sometimes people are known as "The Psychic Element". Leklai is a type of magical metal. Which "grows" in cave walls deep. In the jungle in Thailand. It is believed that leklai. Moving around on its own. To worship because it helps. To boost one's vital energy. And cure diseases or else.

Such as protection from danger. Simply carved out of a. Cave wall with conventional tools.

But must instead be cut and melted. With sacred candles and magically. Empowered knives while the monks. Chant and ask for permission.

LP Somporn (Yai) is abbot of. He has deep magical knowledge.

And make many of leklai into amulets. The words Lek Lai may be translated "steel eel", an allusion to the ability of certain Lek Laï to assume the liquid state.

In many tales, one is assured that Lek Laï is not a simple mineral but a kind of metal-animal, capable of "swimming across mountains". One of the foremost powers of Lek Laï is to render its wearer invulnerable, and to prevent any firearms from going off anywhere near him, and all other harmful weapons.

Some people believe that Lek Lai is indestructible and immortal (Adamantine). Is a Mysterious Sacred substance which is the subject of Legendary Tales of Miracle Powers, the Lek Lai is an Extremely Rare and Mysterious Substance that is able to perform seemingly unexplainable feats, such as multiplying, disappearing and reappearing, growing, stopping projectile weapons from functioning. This item of leklai from the cave has been acquired by Make a ceremony , Call phraya sming leklai come out eating honey.

The phraya sming leklai is then stretched out from the nest. It looks like a long black but snake-like.

And will stretch out near the honey. This time it was amazing.

Nobody knows where it comes from. Do not know how to move. Phraya sming leklai is like a creature.

But we will not see. If he does not show himself. When phraya sming leklai satisfied The summoner will ask phraya sming leklai to give part of phraya sming leklai. To the host in the ceremony. After that, items drop down from the cave walls.

You will not see how large the item will be. This is another wonderful thing. I tried to look but did not see. The distance is just 3 meters. While the item falls, the summoner will pray all the time.

But when the item stops. Ceremonial person will stop praying.

Items that fall down will have many types. It all depends on the phraya sming leklai. Sometimes, if a person wants something. It can be said before the ceremony, but the mind must be still. But sometimes it does not.

I will not have anything at all. This is the ritual owner must receive.

All the stories I tell you, if you doubt, you can ask me. In the world, there are so many things that everyone does not know. Everyone just can not see it. How to Worship Lek Lai. Bucha method when Inviting Lek Lai into the Home.

Light 12 Incense sticks, and inform the Local Deities and Ghosts about your intentions, and ask their blessing and to protect the household. Bai Sri cones, or, if not available, flower offerings. Honey offerings one small glass can be placed to the side of the Lek Lai, you don?

T have to immerse the Lek Lai in the honey. Perform Bucha Ceremonial Offerings every Full Moon, and lay the Lek Lai out to bathe in the Moonlight, to increase the power of the Lek Lai, and then feed it honey. Kata (incantation) Anchern lek Lai. Incantation for asking the Lek Lai to allow you to take it and wear it with you, or when carrying Lek Lai? Jao Khun Pra Putai Sawan Worakun, or, Luang Por Hone, of Wat Putai Sawan.

Na Mo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaa Samputtassa (3 times). Putto Mae Naa Tho, Tammo Mae Naa Tho, Sangko Mae Naa Tho. Sa Ga Pa Ja Bucha Ja. I pay reverence to the guardian of the Sacred Element of Lek Lai that wields. I Sa Waa Su I Dti Bpi So Pa Ka Waa.

Lek Lai, please grow and prosper, prosper greatly, cultivate good things and let them flow towards me. Samma Sammaa Sammaa Samma Ma A U.

Na Ma Pa Ta Na Mo Put Taa Ya. If you have any problems. The item "2pcs Leklai Thai Amulet Lp Somporn Protect Buddha Heal good Protect Lucky Takrut" is in sale since Thursday, July 2, 2020. This item is in the category "Antiques\Asian Antiques\Southeast Asia\Amulets". The seller is "lucky_amulet718" and is located in Phon Phisai. This item can be shipped worldwide.

  • Type: Amulets
  • Featured Refinements: Takrut
  • Region of Origin: Southeast Asia
  • Age: Post-1940
  • Primary Material: Mixed Materials
  • Maker: L P Somporn
  • Original/Reproduction: Antique Original
  • Color: Multi-Color

2pcs Leklai Thai Amulet Lp Somporn Protect Buddha Heal good Protect Lucky Takrut