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6848 Necklace Natural Buddha Thai Amulet Relic Healing Stone 108Bead Yellow 65cm

6848 Necklace Natural Buddha Thai Amulet Relic Healing Stone 108Bead Yellow 65cm
6848 Necklace Natural Buddha Thai Amulet Relic Healing Stone 108Bead Yellow 65cm
6848 Necklace Natural Buddha Thai Amulet Relic Healing Stone 108Bead Yellow 65cm
6848 Necklace Natural Buddha Thai Amulet Relic Healing Stone 108Bead Yellow 65cm
6848 Necklace Natural Buddha Thai Amulet Relic Healing Stone 108Bead Yellow 65cm
6848 Necklace Natural Buddha Thai Amulet Relic Healing Stone 108Bead Yellow 65cm

6848 Necklace Natural Buddha Thai Amulet Relic Healing Stone 108Bead Yellow 65cm

Item : NECKLACE NATURAL BUDDHA THAI AMULET RELIC HEALING STONE 108 BEAD YELLOW 65CM. For Chanting Or Make Ceremony, Long And Big Bead, Smooth Skin Nice Color.

Creator /: WAT KaoSamRoiYod Monks Group Blessing. Good Effective for : Several supernatural good wealth Useful & Effective. This Piece is holy stuff, Hard to find, Most Rare. THIS ITEM WAS HANDMADE IS NECKLACE USE FOR IS ACCESSORIS FOR PRAYING.

This is a very fine amulet piece, it was incantation and bless with Good powerful magic. No need to pray Khata. It is a mantras phonetic Praying word to consecrate and control power of this item.

If temple give khata with item. Is any object that is imbued with protective powers, and all cultures have manifestations of such objects. In the world of Thailand amulet, Many people believe the symbol of Load buddha has the power to ward off evil. That an object that is inscribed with the word of God, image of Lord buddha and religious narratives, symbol and signs, will protect the person who reads, touches, or sees it. The surface of an amulet and talismans object can be covered with prayers, signs, numbers, and decorative motifs, and the object is carried in a pocket, or rolled and placed in an amulet case; some talismans are worn as clothin. The most efficacious amulet & talismans are those that are inscribed with prayers that remind people to lord Buddha and his narratives. PHRA-TART' or PHA-TAD' meaning relic of buddha or Bone of famous guru monk in thailand. That is a beautiful of multi color Buddha relics. They have many color represents the Bones of the Buddha after cremate. It was acquired from which miraculously appeared in a temple of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. The stone Has the relics on the surface. It is believed that the relics was from one of the famous monk. You can see there are alot of glowing relics appear on this stone. Thai people believe these relics are the parts of buddha and represent the buddha power. Powerful to heal from black magic or anythings that will harm the owner.

All of color have mean. Orange, yellow color granules are believed by many to have originated from flesh, also believe its the gold (yellow) color represents the unexpected wealth. Red color from blood also believe it is the fire in five elements. Red color represents love and health. Pink, white, limpid colored gem-like ones from the Buddha's head.

It's represents the water in five elements. Pink color represents knowledge and potential.

Rare blue, violet, black color relics are originate from the space between the Buddha's ribs, and also believe it's the'earth' in five elements represents interpersonal relationship and self-confidence. Green, brown color is mind of buddha and also believe it represents the wood in five elements. Green color represents wealth and fortune.

Thai people refer to these relics as'PHA-TART' or PHA-TAD'. Some one believe the relics can grow, many monks tell me they don't know how the relics can grow more a little bit in every year if you put in water, it still mystical. This is real natural buddha relics not glass or plastic. This is perfect Relics of Buddha stone to your collection. They good for Lucky and protect owner from the danger and bad piritual.

Nicely detailed and not has fragmented. I will answer any question you might have to the best of my ability. The Meaning of Buddha relic A relic is generally a small shiny round object which may weigh only a gram, but is as glistening as lapidarian jade.

An authentic relic of the Buddha can perform marvelous feats. It sometimes illuminates with radiant light. Its power can make miraculous phenomena occur. It also can replicate, vanish, and merge by itself. "Buddhas relic", also call "Phra-That", means bone or the other part of body such as hair, nail, tooth, skin, blood, and etc. There is different characteristics from other ordinary people. The feature resembles substance which need to observed. Kinds of Buddhas relic Apparently, Buddha cremated bones are different from bones of ordinary people. However, it is found that Buddhas cremated bones are similar to human bone in some way.

According to Buddhas relic appear in pagoda or museums in Thailand, Sri Langka and India, Buddha cremated bones can separate 2 kinds as follows: -Buddha relic Phra That Buddha relic - Buddha Relic or Phra That Most of Buddha cremated bones found in Thailand, Sri Langka, China and Myanmar appear as mention in Tripitaka. The kind of Buddha relic in Tripitaka. According to Ajtakasumangkalavilassinee in Tripitaka, Phra Ajtakajarn has divided the kind of Buddha relics to 2 kinds as follows: -Navip-Pakinna That means Buddha relic which is an old form of appearance andsubstantially.

They don t split or break down. There are 7 parts such as 1-forehead bone, 4-Phra Kiew Kaew and 2-collarbone. Vip-Pakinna That means Buddha relic which split and became various small portion. They dispersed in many worship place or temple.

Buddha cremated bones- Human Bone This kind of bones is found only in India. England Government had given this Buddha cremated bones to Thailand two times. 1st In the fifth reign currently apear at Wat Srakesa 2nd -currently appear at Wat Phra Sri The Unique Characteristic of Buddha cremated bones The general Characteristic of Buddha cremated bones that is acceptable from all Buddhist and monk appear external characteristics as follows : There are many colors such as gold, black, pink, red and etc. There are many patterns such as rice kernel pattern, lecture seed pattern, half bean pattern, glass drop and etc. If there is small size, it can be float on the water, be attracted and sticked together The amount of Buddha relics can increase or decrease. This is particularity of Buddha relics. They can change size and color by themselves. Regarding to record, it is said that not such a big size of Buddha relic can float on the water. That part of water will be shallow to support Buddha relics. Sometimes, you may see radiance of water surrounding Buddha relic. If there are many of Buddha relics, they will sneak together. Finally, they will stick together. So, many people said that if which place have Buddha relic and worship with well respect. They can take another Buddha relic to stay together. Sacred monks Bone or A-Ra-Hun Relics Since Buddha lifetime until now.

The great amount of monks can performed in the Buddha way. They can advance their mind to high level of meditation.

As a result, Their part of body become Phra That. Since now, There are many monks who can practice the dharma until they became Phra That or A-Ra-Hun Relics. The relics can separate to 2 kinds as follow: 1. Disciple of Buddha in Buddha lifetime era.

In the past, they have enumerated the kinds of Phra That of Buddhist saint amount of 48 Buddhist saints. Disciple of Buddha in a half of the Buddhist era.

It started since 1957 until now. They are many monks and each become different kinds of Phra that. There are many studies in kind and changing procedure from each part of body to become Phra That. Below are example pictures of various kind of Phra That in Thailand. A group of Charcoal Next, having a small spot like fish roes in white-gray color.

Fish roes grow up and become black-gray color. Black-gray color changed to white color and Phra that size is larger. Phra That becomes fully shape and look like corn seed. How Phra That Change from bone , LP Ken Khothammo, Wat Phasripanom, Sakornakorn Province ; LP Yid of Wat NgaungGauk, Prachuap Kiree Kan Province Bone began to change being Phra That which have 2 characters. Buddle bone shrink to be crystalised.

For long bone, the tissue of bones appear to be thin lines. Next, they are fully crystalised. They are similar to be Phra That.

They are completely Phra That. How Phra That Changes from hair A group of Natural hair Hair is formed and stick together Hair are crystallized altogether Hair begin to become Phra That with young brown color They became completely Phra That with cream color. Also, there is various kinds which often found like Phra That stay altogether with bone, coin or miniature.

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I will resend new one to replacement. FIND OUT MORE:NECKLACE NATURAL BUDDHA THAI AMULET RELIC HEALING STONE 108 BEAD YELLOW 65CM, WAT KaoSamRoiYod Monks Group Blessing, Relic beadAncient Antiques, Several supernatural good wealth Useful & Effective, RELIC of Buddha SaLiRa (PhraTad)!!

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  • Featured Refinements: Thai Amulet
  • Age: Post-1940
  • Type: Amulets
  • Handmade: Yes
  • Modified Item: No
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Thailand
  • Religion: Buddhism

6848 Necklace Natural Buddha Thai Amulet Relic Healing Stone 108Bead Yellow 65cm