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Blue Lotus Glass Kaew Naga Eye Gems Thai Amulet Buddha Talisman Magic Rich Charm

Blue Lotus Glass Kaew Naga Eye Gems Thai Amulet Buddha Talisman Magic Rich Charm
Blue Lotus Glass Kaew Naga Eye Gems Thai Amulet Buddha Talisman Magic Rich Charm
Blue Lotus Glass Kaew Naga Eye Gems Thai Amulet Buddha Talisman Magic Rich Charm
Blue Lotus Glass Kaew Naga Eye Gems Thai Amulet Buddha Talisman Magic Rich Charm
Blue Lotus Glass Kaew Naga Eye Gems Thai Amulet Buddha Talisman Magic Rich Charm
Blue Lotus Glass Kaew Naga Eye Gems Thai Amulet Buddha Talisman Magic Rich Charm
Blue Lotus Glass Kaew Naga Eye Gems Thai Amulet Buddha Talisman Magic Rich Charm
Blue Lotus Glass Kaew Naga Eye Gems Thai Amulet Buddha Talisman Magic Rich Charm

Blue Lotus Glass Kaew Naga Eye Gems Thai Amulet Buddha Talisman Magic Rich Charm

Welcome to Thai amulet for collectors. Buddha Name : Kaew naga (not Naga Eye), Year BE. All amulets in my store come from temples around Thailand and amulet shops.

For old amulets come from second hand amulet shops and collectors. For Thai people and many Asian people beleive thai amulet has a power for attraction fortune luck charm and can protect who wearing from danger and evil or changed bad things to good lucky. There have many Thai amulet created and chanting by thai monk or Ajarn which you can find here. The only talisman that stands out and is said to have the most mysterious power among talismans. Is a powerful element to protect yourself and things that are close to you from dangers caused by "firearms" or "sharp objects" and "arms" of all kinds.

Life is immortal and very hard to find There must be a lot of rituals to get. Has 108 qualities as you wish. Whoever possesses it will have power, prestige over others. With you There will only be safety and progress. Naga gem "Diamond Of Phaya Nak". The Naga gemstone is a naturally occurring gemstone. The country with the most Naga gemstones is Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, mostly in the sea. China has some at Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province. Any country that respects Buddhism will have a Naga gem. As for countries that do not practice Buddhism, the Naga gems will not be visible.

Because the Naga gemstone was born from the Naga, created by bringing in the glass from the underground city. Put it in the stone masonry by inspiring the glass brought from the underground city to into a small stone masonry, some large, depending on the size of the glass and kept in the cave The portion that was not put in the socket was placed in the pool in the caves in the mountains. Doing this with the intention of making merit All Nagas have great faith in the Lord Buddha.

Of all the Lichchawi, which at that time the city of Paisali was drought and famine. And cholera ensued, and many people died.

According to the history at that time, it is said that All the serpents in the Ganges, seeing the great and magnificent human races of the Lord Buddha, came to discuss, All of us who have lived in the Ganges deserve to welcome the Lord. The Ganges River at that time was filled with lotus flowers in 5 colors: white, green, yellow, red, and black.

And summoning the Lord Buddha, along with 500 monks, got up on his boat with the words O Blessed One Please have mercy on us, Lord. The Lord Buddha, along with 500 monks, got into the serpent's boat. Saw this as a good opportunity and therefore invited the Lord Buddha along with 500 monks to go down to the Naga Phiphob for one day. Buddha with 500 monks with divine food When I finished, the Lord Buddha, along with 500 monks, were blessed. Therefore he ascended from the serpent world.

The serpents have caused considerable mourning for the Lord Buddha. In the future, they probably won't see the Buddha any more, so they invited him. The Lord Buddha put his footprints to pay homage to the banks of the Ganges River. Spewing fire from underwater The appearance of the worship by spewing fire from underwater is assumed to be spitting fire. It is incense and candle worshiping the Buddha's footprint. The Legend of the birth of the Naga gem (Diamond of Phaya Nak).

Counting back in the reign of the Buddha named "Kasspo", when he descended to enlighten the Bodhisattva in order to help all beings to cross the realm of pity in this Mahabhadra Kappa. The coming down of this Buddha caused a reverberating shock throughout the ten thousand worlds and hundreds of thousands of universes with the majesty of the Bodhisattva. Thus causing a miraculous event to occur is the rain which looks red like a pigeon's feet when it falls Whoever wants to get wet, gets wet, who doesn't want to get wet, doesn't get wet with the Buddha's teachings.

Some have been combined with The four elements were the Earth Element, the Water Element, the Wind Element, and the Fire Element until the formation of the "Seven Color Glass, the Seven Jewels, " the psychic element. There was a ray of light that radiated with a halo of seven colors, shining day and night for seven days and seven nights.

Causing 7 rays of light to drown out all the precious jewels in the Underworld, causing the Naga to panic throughout the Underworld. Until the Naga Nagas, who had powers, looked for various reasons for the miraculous event. Has made the king who ruled the seven underworld cities, known as "the serpent Sunantho", the great king who ruled the underworld where the powerful Naginaka subordinates have flocked in countless numbers have used their merits to pray to know the cause of the phenomenon amazing this time Because of the merit that has been accumulated for a long time in the past that has been born as Humans have found Buddhism and were ordained as monks of the Somdej. Buddhahood in the past who had set his mind to pray "to ask for the maintenance of Buddhism" before leaving the body Died. For this reason, it made me realize the origin of the "seven colored jewels, seven light jewels".

With the power of the merits of the Bodhisattva of the Lord Buddha, fully enlightened and know to the duty of one's own prayer The great Sunantho Naga has shown the power to infiltrate the land with all the attendants Come up to the earth to see the miraculous cause that causes miracles to spread throughout the underworld. Lord Naga Sunanto has ordered all his followers to show their power. The power to summon it to be preserved for the benefit of Buddhism in the future. The Nakee Nagas were summoned to keep them in caves and mountains.

Where they have a dwelling place Some of them brought colored clay to cover the gems and the seven colored gems of the seven lights to escape from the eyes or hands of people who have a treacherous mind and are not in the moral precepts or from the gods of Brahma who are diehards. To be seen as just ordinary lumps of clay Another group has brought them into a mysterious cave that is difficult to enter and enshrine them in various basins within the cave as they see fit and obscured prayers.

These auras of glass are broken. Wait until the time to continue to benefit Buddhism. The shape and color of the Naga gems. Naga gems come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. It can be divided into 3 types.

The morphology of the rugby ball. It has a round shape, elongated, slender, slender, rounded, like a rocket head. Will have a length of approximately 2-3 cm. Rugby type can be further divided into 3 types.

1.1 It is a Naga gem. It is a Naga Leklai of the type that absorbs like a small mother. 1.3 It is a type of Naga Leklai remade iron that does not absorb iron.

There are two types of morphology which are. Will have a round shape in the middle is convex as the cabochon on both sides. The side will be able to see like the edge of the weld. And will have a diameter from 7 millimeters to more than 1 cm. There will be an oval shape in the middle that will be convex as the cabochon on both sides. They range in size from 5 millimeters to 1-2 inches long. Spherical shape, like a glass ball. Will look like a glass ball But notice carefully that some tablets will have edge marks around them, ranging from the size of a tablet the size of a little finger (about 1 cm) to the size of a chicken egg. There are 8 types which are. 4.1 characteristics of anchor Chan. Will look out to be round like a glass ball, like a round cabochon type 2.1 is large, about 2 cm in diameter, or the size of a thumb.

Appearance is a glass fang. It will look like a fanged shape. It will be approximately one little finger knuckle until it is 6-7 inches long.

4.3 Water drop shape. It is shaped like a large drop of water around the tip of the little finger. 4.4 Characteristics of molar teeth. Will look shaped like a person's front teeth or molars There will be protrusions like the root of the tooth. There will be many sizes, including small molar teeth, large molar teeth.

4.6 Characteristics of lotus flowers. The appearance of a crested serpent. 4.8 Egg-shaped egg-laying hens. Are colorful, beautiful and very sparkling. The more you take it to shine with light, it will shine up to 7 colors and will have a lustrous shine.

Some of the internal morphology resembles that of sap or nested eyes, but the most noticeable is the cabochon morphology. Therefore, it is very strange and wonderful. There are those who are skilled in looking at gems saying that If a fine gemstone, when looking at it, it will be seen as a rainbow band, if it is a minor gemstone, when looking at it, it will show the sparkle of all 7 colors. Will be seen as The color bar when flipped over to see the other side shines like life. Pa Pulu Santiwattana Temple Udon Thani province has told me that His students have brought them to inspect abroad.

The results show that the value is almost the same as the more expensive gems ever. But it is considered a valuable mineral. The color classification of the.

Naga gems that can be divided into 3 types. Dark, gray-black tones will have different powers according to the colors and according to the size and morphology as well.

The more there will be more magical mystical powers. There are 10 types of Naga gems by color tone. Red color caste Yod Khun Phon. Tsu Dam, a protective caste.

Color: Pink, Metta Mahaniyom caste. Meaning according to the color of the Naga gemstone. Means the power and prestige of the Great Bodhisattva.

Who has made the effort to observe the precepts, practice the Dhamma Put your mind in the middle, no merit, no sin Consciousness is the one who knows. Up to date in current conditions clean and pure have a calm, firm mind that is not easily shaken Suitable for those with a sensitive mind and lack of confidence. Means the color of power and power. Courageous, daring, sharp thinking Make quick decisions that are on target instantly. To be revered Those who have covered this red must be those who practice dharma and train the mind to have "consciousness" knowing the emotions, otherwise there will be consequences. Bad things happen to both oneself and others. Red is the color that indicates "wrathful" that needs to be seen quickly. Sometimes it doesn't turn out as we wanted it to, and anger and anger arise one by one. Wicked, the darker the serpent gem, the more its negative energy will be. It will burn both the body and the mind into a gloomy, gloomy, gloomy path towards bad attitudes. 2.1 Black and red. Means a color with power and power. The power is much higher than other colors. Because if it is "red with black borders", the teacher said that it is "infinite power of the universe". Those who are able to possess it must be a person who has a lot of merit and prestige that has been built from the past life or not. Must be a person who has a "mind" is a superpower that has been trained this way. Otherwise, it would not be able to support the power of the Naga gem that has the power of the infinite universe. Means the power of the mind that has mercy, cold body, cool mind, good deeds, the prestige of the Dharma who has a mind touching the world, the mystical Brahma Deva. There is a mystical power that flows in a current around the body that makes the mind calm and stable, avoiding various dangers. The darker the color, the more powerful the power conveyed from the serpent's body until it's cold. Respectful, respectful, trustworthy, no matter what you do, say. It is the cause that arises from the practice of striving for the prestige of "truth to pray" that does not lie and deceive. And is the color of the celestial body who is the great lord of the heavens, the three-headed Erawan elephant that has the power and power, the lord of the Daowadung heaven. Means softness and glory, a color that represents wealth, luck, and fortune. There is a bright and prosperous like "gold" that is valuable in itself. The flow of color, the brighter the color, the more the flow of fortune, wealth and wealth shines. It is a trend that makes them fearful and respectful of their faith in the majesty of a nobleman.

Chao Phraya with dignity will receive assistance and assistance to make the mission progress smoothly. Anyone who has a yellow serpent gem in possession must have a mind that like to make merit regularly Having little, doing little, having a lot, doing a lot according to their own strength and having to be a person who is in the moral precepts will result in a stream of pure alms giving, promoting the power of gems, yellow serpents and gods who take care of them and have more merit. Means the power of protection from various dangerous weapons. It is a power that has a strong mind, courage, dare to think, dare to face, and who is forward-thinking, fair, not taking advantage of others.

It is a stream of energy that prevents and reduces obstacles, bad powers that come into effect, causing anyone who wants to encroach upon themselves eventually to be defeated. There are gods who are virtuous, care and protect. And is the color of the "Phra Siam Thevathirat", the great god who takes care of Protect the nation, religion, monarch from the dangers of hostile enemies who come to invade. Means power that has a mysterious power that is difficult to fathom. As the word "know face without heart" is related to the spirit of opatica spirits and demons causing fear and not dare to bad thoughts, bad actions It was as if there was a mysterious power staring at him.

The darker the color, not to mention almost black, there was an exponentially powerful mystical power. Prevent ghosts, demons, you ghosts, you people, you occult actions to deteriorate and disappear, and is a color that can absorb mysterious powers, both good and bad, depending on the person. Who owns the note, the person who possesses this purple Naga diamond is someone who has mysterious powers or has a special sense of mystery, some people may know or not. Unconscious and thoughtful, you plan.

If there is so much until going out in the face of fear There may be negative effects or bad energy happening to oneself and others. Should practice the mind to have strong mercy, let go of the emotional impact.

Let the mind be pure and transparent will make the power of this purple Naga diamond. Shining out and covering the whole body all the time like protective glass armor. Means the color that has the power of the mystery of the soul of Opatika.

Prevent the occult action, you occult, you ghost, you, people, actions, repetition, tying, embedding, embedding, causing decay, deterioration, deterioration of the enemy's power, demons, and do not dare to think badly. Has the power to spread the power to cover the whole perimeter of the house But it depends mainly on the possessor who possesses a clean mind in morality or not.

Means people who have merit that has been built in the past. Generous, spacious, clean Respectful, respectful, like a close friend and close friend who has been close for a long time, talking, negotiating, taking a good approach to dealing with smooth and comfortable trading.

Is a person who has merit that the gods take care of and support Traveling anywhere will be comfortable. Means a person who has high ascendancy powers, having both merit and charisma.

The person who has the merit to possess must be the person who has the merit and prestige. A past life that has been built for a long time and must be a person of morality. Otherwise there will be a misfortune that is not good for those who possess it. Don't be fooled by the past, don't be mad at power, don't be arrogant, narcissistic.

Making the mind as natural as possible is to let go of desire and supply. Means the color of the power of great mercy. Great charm, great popularity, soft and gentle. Being prominent and attractive to the opposite sex and the people around you, the people involved will be amazingly helpful to the people around you. The darker the bright pink, the more powerful, attractive, endearing and desirable.

Desire like a majestic majestic majestic astonishingly beautiful The person who possesses it must have a good heart. Do not use the power to be used in a bad way as "sweet mouth, sour bottom, turn downward", the more you act with the opposite sex until you break the precepts in number 3 until suffering physically and mentally. In the end, it will be very miserable and miserable. Naga gems related to physical health. Takes care of the blood, air and pumping of the blood.

Takes care of the dialysis system in the body. Takes care of the intestines. Takes care of allergies and the airway. Takes care of heart and back pain.

Takes care of the nervous system in the brain. Cares about the nerve center in the body. White takes care of the bones. Black takes care of tendons.

The invitation of the Naga gem(Diamond of Phaya Nak). Summoning Buddha, summoning fan, the deity that resides in this Naga gem. I would like to say the devotion. "Na-ka-bu-cha, Pad-ka-bu-cha, Ma-a-ou Ni-hing-Na-pan-te, Na-ma Phut-tha-phan-te".

Method of worshiping the Naga gem (Diamond of Phaya Nak). Worship with 7 incense sticks, 3 types of fruits, arranged on a pedestal every 15th day of the waxing moon. If you put a frame on your neck or make a ring, you will be safe. Protect you from occult Inspired to know the events Praying for the invulnerability of the mind like remade, giving it a strong ascendancy. Like a diamond If it is a great mercy Set your mind to pray as needed (not beyond the power of the law of karma) if you want to make a mantra.

To find a bowl of clean water Summon "Naga gems" and immerse them in water along with lighting candles and incense to worship spells. Together with his body, speech and mind to remain calm for a moment and then set his mind to pray with determination and determination, ending with a chapter of mercy upon completion, as he had prayed every time Must make merit, offer food to monks, offer offerings to monks, offer offerings to Buddha images, etc. Dedicated to Mother Earth, Luang Pu Thep Lok Udon, Grandfather Nakharat Sunanto, Naganakee mermaid family. As well as the lord This will create merit and merit in the body. In order to bring the Naga gemstones with us, make them look like this.

Make an ornament such as a ring head. Can be made into a bracelet. In order to bring the Naga gems to worship at that house Should be procured to support the appropriate red cloth and white foundation Before placing naga gems or jewelry with naga gemstones on the pedestal and providing a bowl or cup of clean water sprinkled with falling jasmine and placing an offering in front of the pedestal There is a Naga gem. Clean water should be changed every day or every other day as appropriate. The water in which the offering was placed was a holy water with powerful powers.

Used to drink, eat and bathe all over the body to chase away the bad and nasty things that come to follow us. For a fortune as a protective shield along with the remembrance of the great-grandfather Determined to see the figure of a serpent coiled around us, shining in a halo of light. Spread around about 1 wa, or may find a bowl or container of clean water. With a bowl or a small vessel that can float on the water to put the Naga gem The owner of the "Naga gem" can indicate character or attachment.

Contrary (terms) of the person who owns it because this Naga gem is very sacred When choosing any person, any person will be connected to each other's prestige, similar to It is the same soul that has the power to identify the flaws that need to be developed to raise the mental realm. Nature and to correct the condition of unwholesome karma that follows from the past that will affect the present life (no more than the law of heavy karma). The special power of Phaya Naga gems. This Naga gem can be enlarged into larger and smaller beads. According to the level of spirituality of those who possess it.

This Naga gem has the energy of nature that has accumulated sacred relics for millions of years that cannot be estimated. Would be able to open karma To be able to see and have the power that can reduce heavy karma to break into light.

But cannot change the state of the law of karma except the mind of the owner, which must be the one who acts in the way. Of good morals will cause the power of the world to raise the spirit of dharma.

Then that karma will be wicked. Special characteristics of Phaya Naga gems. The Naga gemstone has the following characteristics. No marks of any kind. When caught up to shine or light will not see through.

1 bottle of Thai perfume or water. Mak 7 words (if anyone doesn't know, ask the old man who eats betel nut). Put these offerings in the pedestal and take perfume or baking water. Thais have finished pouring the Naga gemstones and put the Naga gemstones on iton the pedestal and said the following words of worship. I implore all the gods who dwell in this serpent gemstone to dwell in my eyes, in my ears, in my mouth, and on the tip of my tongue. In every respect, Deva Prasit, Brahma, Prasit, Sapphaprasit, Mae. Before saying the offerings, light 9 incense sticks, light 2 more candles, and finish 3 Namo.

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  • Primary Material: Glass
  • Color: Blue
  • Year:: 2017 (2560)
  • Gender:: Unisex
  • Condition:: Very Good Condition
  • Region of Origin: Southeast Asia
  • Featured:: Life Protect,Invulnerable,Powerful,Magic,Holy
  • Maker: Makhong River
  • Values of Amulet:: Life Protect,Invulnerable,Good Healthy,Wealthy,Luckly,Charm
  • For:: Worship,Collection,Gift for your love,Owern
  • Type: Amulets
  • Original/Reproduction: Antique Original
  • Featured Refinements: Naga Eye
  • Age: Post-1940

Blue Lotus Glass Kaew Naga Eye Gems Thai Amulet Buddha Talisman Magic Rich Charm