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Phra Leela 25buddha Sattawat Be2500 Clay Silver Case Thai Genuine Amulets

Phra Leela 25buddha Sattawat Be2500 Clay Silver Case Thai Genuine Amulets
Phra Leela 25buddha Sattawat Be2500 Clay Silver Case Thai Genuine Amulets
Phra Leela 25buddha Sattawat Be2500 Clay Silver Case Thai Genuine Amulets

Phra Leela 25buddha Sattawat Be2500 Clay Silver Case Thai Genuine Amulets

Please see the above attached photos with care, they will show you more descriptions in detail. Phra Leela 25 Buddha Sattawat B. Item Name : Phra Leela 25 Buddha Sattawat B. Consecrate : Please read more infomation. Condition : Perfect / Good condition / unused.

Material : Clay (Nure Din + pong). Temple / Consecrate place : Wat Sutad. Year of made : 2500 BE.

(W x Y) with Silver Case. Approximately Weight : 12.49 g with Silver Case. More Information : Phra Leela 25 Buddha Sattawat is one of the rituals.

Create and consecrate the biggest city in Thailand to celebrate the agenda. The president of the Buddhist rituals at that time it was the patriarch. Wise Wong Abbey Basilica Bowonniwet President Chom Phon, including the laity. President of the tablet is built Gen.

Phao Sriyanond and vice president of the construction, including the Miami Police Major cloudy Children and distribution of objects in an honorable and honest person to hire them to idol worship. In declaring Puttha Jubilee relics of those times. Invited the science faculty, who do you come up two times in the first is the material that is used to build the Jubilee Baptist Puttha first time on February 8, 2500 at Wat Suthat. With the faculty to celebrate a 108th episode and later, on February 10, 2500 His Majesty's reign as king, and the printing press, the number of 30 elements with the gold four body is beginning, after the creation of the set. Manufacturing site of Wat Suthat It takes approximately three months to complete. And has made great Buddhist faith Jubilee again on May 2 to 4, with the instructor that he Microbiology your original invite chanted 108th overall episode of the ceremony's Puttha Jubilee 2 times 6 days and 6 nights. All issued and sacred objects for worship at Sanam Luang on April 12th to May 18th 2500. Combine topmost 108 meditation that Monks Referred to as the pundits. 2500 assemble to Phra Leela 25 Buddha Sattawat B. The 108's has invited faculty from the various provinces. Across the Kingdom As the Company following the faculty. A spell progressive NangProk Brikornrnam chanted. Phra Kru Arkomsunton Wat Suthat Ram Thailand.

Phra Kru Sunton Samathivat Wat Suthat Ram Thailand. Phra Kru Yanaphirat Wat Suthat Ram Thailand. Phra Kru Phiboonsannavat Wat Suthat Ram Thailand. Phra Kru Suntonsrilajan Wat Suthat Ram Thailand.

Phra Kru Phisansorakit Wat Suthat Ram Thailand. Phra Wat Suthat Ram Thailand. Phra Maha Amnuay Wat Suthat Ram Thailand. Phra Palat Suphot Wat Suthat Ram Thailand. Phra Kru Visitvihankan Wat Chanasongkram Bangkok. 11 Phra Suthamthirakun (Wong) Wat Saket Bangkok. 12 Phra Arjan Sa Wat Rhat CHANADDARAM Bangkok.

13 Phra Parat Pang Wat Mahathat Bangkok. 14 Phra Visutthisonphoti Wat Phrachetupon Bangkok.

15 Phra Woraweetkunajan Wat Phrachetupon Bangkok. 16 Phra Kru Tapanakitprasart Wat Phrachetupon Bangkok. 17 Phra Kru Intonsamajan Wat Phrachetupon Bangkok. 18 Phra Kru Vinaitorn (Fueang) Wat Sampantawong Bangkok. Phra Kru Pak Wat Bungthonglango Bangkok.

20 Phra Kru Kanlayanavisut Wat Don Tavoy Bangkok. Phra Arjan Mee Wat SUANPHLU Bangkok. Phra Arjan Muean Wat Rong Heep Bangkok. Phra Luang Vichit Wat Sapansung Bangkok.

Phra Arjan Hun Wat Bangkhot Bangkok. Phra Ratchamoree Wat Rakang Bangkok. Luang Vichitchasotorn Wat Santi Thammaram Thonburi.

Phra Kru Sopongallayanuvat (Seng) Wat Gallayanamit Thonburi. Phra Kru Pavanapirat (Phon) Wat Nang Thonburi. Phra Kru Tivakornkun (Keep) Wat Taling Chan Thonburi.

Phra Kru Paairotvuttikun (Paitoon) Wat Pho Nimit Thonburi. Phra Kru Yannasit Wat Rajasitharam Thonburi. Phra Arjan Ma Wat Rajasitharam Thonburi.

Phra Arjan Huan Wat Pikul Thonburi. Phra Maha Teravat Wat Paknam Thonburi. Phra arjan Chayy Wat Paknam Thonburi. Phra Arjan In Wat Paknam Thonburi.

37 Phra Kru Kitjapirom Wat Arunratvararam Thonburi. Phra Kru Vinaisangvon Wat Prayoonvongsavat Thonburi. 39 Phra Kru Sukum Tammajan Wat Hong Rattanaram Thonburi. 40 Phra Arjan Vinit Wat Hong Rattanaram.

Phra Arjan In Wat Suwan Aubasikarn Thonburi. Phra Kru Viriyakit (Tao) Wat Praduchimphi Thonburi.

Phra Prechanontamunee (Chung) Wat Molee Nonthaburi. Phra Kru Palat Chaeng (Luang Phor Chaeng) Wat Sri Rattanaram Nonthaburi. 45 Phra Palat Young Lp.

Young Wat Bang Chak Nonthaburi. Phra Arjan Somjit Wat Pa Ka Rieng Ratchaburi. Phra Arjan Tan Wat Tham Ma Sen Ratchaburi. Phra Kru Bin Wat Kaew Ratchaburi. Phra In Khe Ma Jan Wat Chong Rom Ratchaburi.

Phra Tham Ma Va Ti Ka Na Jan (Ngoen) Wat Don Yai Hom NaKorn Pathom. Phra Kru Sang Ka Vichai Wat Phra Pathom Chedi, Nakhon Pathom. Phra Arjan Sam Nieng Wat Wea Lu Wan Nakhon Pathom. Phra Arjan Ti Wat Sam Ngam Nakorn Pathom. Phra Arjan Paek Wat Sa Bao Pathumthani.

Phra Kru Palat Thung Wat Thien Tha Wai Pathumthani. Phra Kru Bo Von Thamm Ma Kit (Thien) Wat Boot Patum Thani. Phra Kru Sopon Sa Ma Jan (Rien) Wat Nong Bua Kanjanaburi.

Phra Kru Visut Thi Rang Sri Wat Nua Kanjanaburi. Phra Kru Mu Ja Lin Mo Lee (Dam) Wat Mu Ja Lin Pattani. Phra Kru Rot Wat Pra Du Nakhon Si Thammarat. Phra Kru Sitti Tham Ma Jan (Phra Arjan Lee) Wat Ar So Ka Ram Samutprakarn. Phra Arjan Butt Wat Mai Bang Pla Kot Samutprakarn. Phra Arjan Sa Waeng Wat Krang Suan SamutPrakarn.

Phra Kru Sirisornkun (Dang) Wat Thay Hat Songkhram. Phra Kru Samut Suntorn Wat Phuang Ma Lai Samutsongkhram. Phra Sut Thi Sam Vut Tha Jan (Jai) Wat Sa Dat Samutsongkhram.

Phra Arjan Uang Wat Bang Kon Tee SamutSongkhram. Phra Kru Pairot Vut Tha Jan (Rung) Wat Tha Ka Beu Samutsakhon. Phra Kru Viseet Sa Mut Kun (Ha) Wat Don Kai Dee Samutsakhon.

Phra Kru Lak Kit Ta Van Mu Nee (Thira) Wat Pa Le Lai Suphanburi. Phra Arjan Taem Wat Phra Loi Suphanburi.

Phra Kru Kosit Tham Ma San (Khun) Wat Sang Kho Suphanburi. Phra Kru Vorakit Vinit Chai (Phing) Wat Worachan Suphanburi. Phra Kru Samrit Wat AuThong Suphanburi.

Phra V0ra Phot Phan Ya Jan (Hieng) Wat Aranyikaram Chonburi. Phra Kru Tham MA Vut Thi Kun Wat Samet Chonburi.

Phra Kru Tham Ma Torn (Lai) Wat Rat Bam Lung Chonburi. Phra Arjan Boon Mee Wat Pho Thi Sam Pan Chonburi. Phra Phom Nak Kaga Jan Wat Chaeng Phom SingbuBuri.

Phra Kru Sri Phrom So Pit (Phae) Wat Pi Kul Thong SingbuBuri. Phra Chai Nat Mu Nee Wat Bo Rom ma Tat Chainat. 83 Phra Arjan Hom LP.

Hom Wat Chak Mak Rayong. Phra Arjan Mueang Wat Tha Phae Lampang.

Phra Kru Uthai Tham Ma Ta Lee Wat Thao U Thong Prachinburi. PHra Kru Vimon Sinlajan Wat Sri Pra Jan Ta Kam Prachinburi.

Phra Kru Sunton Tham Ma Pra Kart Wat Pho Thi Pak Plee Nakon Nayok. Phra Kru Wang Wat Ban Den (Kruba Wang) Tak. Phra Kru Sa Wan Viriyakit Wat Sawan Ni Vet Phrae. Chan Wat Klong Ra Nong NaKornsawan. Phra Kru Sin La Kit Ti Kun (Aun) Wat Phra Ya Ti Ka Ram Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya.

Phra Arjan Chaem Wat Wang Dang Nuea Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya. Phra Kru Lek Wat Bang Nom Kho Ayutthaya. Phra Arjan Mee Wat In Tha Ram Ayutthaya. Phra Arjan Wan Wat Dok Mai Aintraram. Phra Arjan Nai Wat Ban Chaeng Ayutthaya.

Phra Kru Pra Sart Vit Tha Ya Khom (Nor) Wat Klang Tha Ruea Ayutthaya. Chong Wat Na Tang Nok Ayutthaya. Phra Artikan Cho Wat Pratulokchet Ayutthaya. Phra Archan Sri Wat Sar Kae Ayutthaya. Phra Kru Suwan Munee Wat Mahatat Phetchaburi.

Phra Kru Suk Wat Ta Nood Luang Phetchaburi. Phra Kru Piboon Sri La Jan Wat Pho Kru Phetchaburi. Phra Sawan Voranayok Wat Sawankaram Sukhothai. Phra Boran Vattajan Wat Rajjatanee Sukhothai. PHra Kru Biee Wat Kring Lanhoi Sukhothai. Phra Kru Viboon Samutkit Wat Sadet Amphawa, Samut Songkhram. We guarantee that all our amulets are Good Quality! We guarantee our services are Sincere and. For all listing items please go to the link.

2 Due to limitations in photography and the inevitable differences in monitor settings, the color of item in the pictures may not correspond 100% to the item itself. Thank You For Your Kindness. The item "PHRA LEELA 25BUDDHA SATTAWAT BE2500 CLAY SILVER CASE THAI GENUINE AMULETS" is in sale since Sunday, January 08, 2017. This item is in the category "Antiques\Asian Antiques\Southeast Asia\Amulets". The seller is "genuine-amulets" and is located in Moung,Land of Smiles..

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  • Color: Brown
  • Maker: Wat Sutad
  • Type: Amulets + Silver Case
  • Primary Material: Clay
  • Age: Post-1940,/ 2500 BE
  • Region of Origin: Southeast Asia
  • Original/Reproduction: Original

Phra Leela 25buddha Sattawat Be2500 Clay Silver Case Thai Genuine Amulets