Thai Amulet Buddha

Thai Amulet Buddha Statue Phra Somdej Gold Alms Bowl Lid LP Phrom Wat Chong Khae

Thai Amulet Buddha Statue Phra Somdej Gold Alms Bowl Lid LP Phrom Wat Chong Khae
Thai Amulet Buddha Statue Phra Somdej Gold Alms Bowl Lid LP Phrom Wat Chong Khae
Thai Amulet Buddha Statue Phra Somdej Gold Alms Bowl Lid LP Phrom Wat Chong Khae
Thai Amulet Buddha Statue Phra Somdej Gold Alms Bowl Lid LP Phrom Wat Chong Khae
Thai Amulet Buddha Statue Phra Somdej Gold Alms Bowl Lid LP Phrom Wat Chong Khae
Thai Amulet Buddha Statue Phra Somdej Gold Alms Bowl Lid LP Phrom Wat Chong Khae

Thai Amulet Buddha Statue Phra Somdej Gold Alms Bowl Lid LP Phrom Wat Chong Khae

Thai Amulet Buddha Statue Phra Somdej Gold Alms Bowl Lid LP Phrom Wat Chong Khae. Biography of Reverend Father Prom Thaoro.

Wat Chong Khae, Phrom Nimit Subdistrict, Takhli District, Nakhon Sawan Province. Reverend Father Phrom Thawaro was born on the 5th day of the waxing moon, the 5th lunar month, the Year of the Goat, corresponding to the 12th day of April 1883 at Ban Phraek Sub-district, Maharat District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province, the son of Mr. Mee - Nang Lom Kosalang, having 4 brothers and sisters. Reverend Father Phrom, when he was young, studied, read and wrote with the monks in the temple near his home.

Able to read and write Reverend Father studied Khmer script along with Thai language. Therefore have sufficient knowledge of the Khmer language since before ordination. At the age of ordination He was ordained at Wat Khian Lai, Tambon Ban Phraek, Amphoe Ban Phraek. Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province on March 15, 1904, was given the title "Tawaro" by having Luang Pho Thomya, Wat Khian Lai as his preceptor.

And studied the Khmer language until proficient and began to practice Vipassana meditation. Teacher of superstition and witchcraft. Reverend Father Phrom once told his disciples that He began to study superstition and magic spells.

From a lay teacher Teacher's name after being ordained Therefore, he studied subha meditation, samatha meditation, and vipassana from Luang Pho Dam, a monk who did not know the temple for about 4 years. Secular Studied various subjects for 5 full years until Ajarn Pu Von passed away. Which later he brought the bones to be stored at Wat Chong Kae After that, he did not directly go to study subjects with any teachers again.

Indirectly, there may be subject exchanges with senior teachers. And the same model during the pilgrimage, such as Luang Pho Doem, Wat Nong Pho, etc. Many of you may wonder. Where did your teachers come from, which sect?

Ajarn Phuang was a disciple of Reverend Grandfather Ma of Wat Bang Muang, who was the master of King Taksin and King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Teacher Pu Won secular He is a disciple of Reverend Grandfather Nin, Khwae Pa Sak Temple, Phetchabun Province. Reverend Grandfather Saeng, Manee Cholakhan Temple Lopburi Province and Teacher Peng, who is a layman All three teachers are brothers and sisters. And one of the three people, Luang Pu Saeng, is a teacher of Somdet Phra Phutthachan (To) of Wat Rakhang. Luang Por's pilgrimage is both near and far.

Which will start pilgrimage after the end of the Buddhist Lent to study for more experience Used to go on a pilgrimage with Luang Pho Derm, Wat Nong Pho, which caused many people to mistakenly believe that he was a disciple of Luang Pho Derm. Used to hike to Burma to Rangoon had the opportunity to visit the Chawedagon Pagoda by traveling through the Three Pagoda Pass Kanchanaburi During the journey, one must pass through the forest of large and small, pristine forests, intricate mountain ranges, encountering vicious beasts, poisonous snakes, and blood-sucking slugs.

Reverend Father has a self-defense subject, but he said that Never set in carelessness Do not block the path of large animals. Will choose a location that does not encroach on large and small animals for planting Along with sitting and prospering the Lord Buddha, sek a 7-tiered glass wall surrounding it to protect it. When withdrawing to continue traveling Must not forget to recite the incantation of removing the 7 walls, otherwise wild beasts may stray into it and will be deadly and it will be a sin. Reverend Father Phrom has been trekking in Myanmar for a long time. Thus traveling traverses along different rivers Passing through Mae Lamao checkpoint, Tak province, keep traveling until Khao Chong Khae Phrom Nimit Subdistrict, Takhli District, Nakhon Sawan Province, when there was heavy rain, he took refuge in a small cave on Khao Chong Khae.

Suitable for meditation therefore began planting a tree of faith at Khao Chong Kae. While he was in the Buddhist Lent at Khao Chong Kae Cave Wat Chong Khae has 2 Buddhist monks, but there is no abbot in the temple. The temple area is messy. Phuak, Petchmontri and many others went to invite Luang Pho Phrom.

Come down to remember the Buddhist Lent below. Is the measure of Chong Kae in the present day which you agree therefore became the first abbot of Wat Chong Kae Rup The villagers who own the land donate more land. Reverend Father started building a temple from a cluttered temple.

In 1917, it was built as a temple with various ceremonies, starting to build a cloister, a kitchen, and a sermon hall. Which part of the factor is derived from the sale of the inheritance of Luang Pho himself Including the donations of Chong Khae people.

Start construction of the church which requires a very high budget The temple committee therefore began to ask for permission to create sacred objects. Reverend Father likes to give away, don't collect. When Luang Pho was still alive but have never collected Giving away alms therefore became unique. Including the distribution of sacred objects such as loincloths, small photographs Small Shield Medal (BE 2515), rubber stamped Somdet, which has been distributed until all are left. Therefore, it is the origin of the coin to give away to you.

And a loincloth to distribute the famous alms It is the original of the alms giving medals of many modern faculty members. Many generations of your sacred objects will have a bell shape.

Whether it's a bell-shaped coin Or the powder amulet with a picture of Luang Pho sitting in a bell until it looks like a sacred object in the shape of a bell is the identity of Luang Pho. Because the time he went on a pilgrimage to Burma Went to pay homage to the Chawedagon Pagoda saw a big bell The shape is round, similar to a bowl of rice for monks.

You can turn around yourself. And then molded the puppet by using 1 baht of wax for 8 baht of gold. It appears that the gold has not reached the ear of the bell. Therefore, the pouring does not stick, which has been tried several times, but it does not work. Therefore giving up on the intention.

Later, in 1973, Colonel Aphai Woradithi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Wat Chong Khae Development Committee asked permission from Reverend Father Take the gold that the bell is not cast. To create sacred objects Then brought in a consecrated ceremony on Saturday 5, 1973, later these golden sacred objects were highly popular in the amulet circle. LP Prom Thawaro, when he came to stay in the Buddhist Lent and was the abbot of Wat Chong Kae Didn't move to any other temple for 58 years. Which is located in the temple Until his death on January 30, 1975 at 3:00 p.

At Ban Mee Hospital, Lop Buri Province, at the age of 91 years, 71 years old. After death, the corpse does not decay. After Lp Phrom passed away, the temple committee put his body in a glass coffin. On the pavilion His corpse was incorruptible, and no ants, mites, weevils, and insects had disturbed any part of his body. As if Luang Por was sleeping Even though he passed away for 31 years (2006).

The miracle that happened above ordinary people is. Hair grows 5-6 millimeters long. The eyebrow hair grows 5-6 millimeters long. The length of the eyelashes is 1 cm.

Tentacles grow 5 - 6 millimeters long. The beard under the chin is 5 - 6 millimeters long. Fingernail grows 1 centimeter long. The toenail grows 4-5 mm long. Which all of these things Still in the same condition, therefore wanting all readers to prove themselves at Wat Chong Kae. LP Brahma has a way of consecrating sacred objects like no other. Most of them will be chanted after midnight. By putting various sacred objects into the bowl if there is a Chai Chai Reverend Father will light the candle, pour the candle's tears into the bowl of holy water. Then bring the candle around the sacred object 9 rounds and then bring chalk powder to anoint the sacred object. Put people's hands around with Luang Pho opening his eyes and focusing on telepathy. After compressing the power, sprinkle the Buddha's water and sprinkle all the sacred objects. And then hold the container of the sacred object again and focus on telepathy until seeing those sacred objects There was a burst of radiation. Therefore, pouring the Buddha's water to sprinkle sacred objects again Then the ceremony is finished. Somdet Phra Phutthachan (To Phrommarangsi), was one of the most famous Buddhist monks during Thailand's Rattanakosin Period and continues to be the most widely known monk in Thailand. [1] He is widely revered in Thailand as a monk who is said that he possessed magical powers and his amulets are widely sought after. [2] His images and statues are some of the most widespread religious icons in Bangkok. Somdet To was born in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province, the illegitimate son of King Rama I. [4] He studied the Buddhist scriptures of the Pali Canon with several Buddhist masters. After becoming a well-known monk, he became the preceptor for Prince Mongkut, later King Rama IV, when Mongkut became a monk. During Rama IV's reign Somdet To was given the ceremonial name Somdet Phra Buddhacarya (To Brahmaramsi) by the King and used to be one of his trusted advisers, having left a lot of teaching stories around him and the King. He was noted for the skill of his preaching and his use of Thai poetry to reflect the beauty of Buddhism, and for making amulets called Somdej. The amulets were blessed by himself and other respected monks in Thailand.

He also appears in many versions of the story of the ghost Mae Nak Phra Khanong, and he is said to be the one to finally subdue her. Somdet To also wrote the Jinapanjara, a protective magical incantation which is widely chanted and used by Thais. This is a great piece of valuable collection, a Valuable personal alter or very good pressent. It is a Good Condition, and was created by skilled Craftsman in traditional style with fine handcrafts. The handwork is very fine with incredible detailing.

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Thai Amulet Buddha Statue Phra Somdej Gold Alms Bowl Lid LP Phrom Wat Chong Khae